July 14, 2017

Road Warrior Era - Cartels vs U.S. Border Security

The U.S. should deploy military assets to fight drug cartels along the southern border.   Why is Congress dragging it's feet on the construction of the wall?  Why are we allowing cartel gunmen to drive into the U.S.?  Gunmen fire at border agents inside Arizona.  Cartel makes it's  own hand grenades in Texas.

 “MS-13 preys upon the immigrant community with the worst forms of violence and intimidation.  These vicious tactics utilized by the gang have a chilling effect on the [Latino] immigrant community.  Join the gang or be beaten, pay an extortion or your family will be targeted, go to the authorities and be killed. The forced silence of the community caused by these violent tactics adds to the gang’s reputation and power,” he added. “This is what local law enforcement across this country is faced with when confronting MS-13 and why it is so difficult to combat this group and obtain the trust of the most affected communities.”  source  Did we ever hear of MS-13 during the Obama Administration?

MS-13’s motto is “Mata, viola, controla” – kill, rape, control. source    Democrats feel sorry for MS-13 soldiers. source    Gavin Newsom: Trump Like ‘Nazis’ for Calling MS-13 Illegals ‘Animals,’ Could Cause ‘Genocides’ source

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