June 24, 2017

What have they taught our kids?

excerpt transcribed from a Douglas Murry interview on YouTube
It's about competing virtues, just as sometimes things are about choosing between evils.  And we got caught in this competition between what I've described as justice and mercy.  And we have the tools in our own traditions;  our own traditions of rationalism and philosophy to deal with this.  Aristotle looked at this.  What happens when 2 things that seem to be virtues are in competition?  Well, you must be misunderstanding and misapplying one of them and you have to work out where that is.   In the search to be merciful, we've, among other things,  given up the idea that there should be any justice for anyone living in Europe.  Because we don't have another home.  We are in the process of wrecking the only home we have by saying that absolutely anybody from anywhere in the world, who wants to come into our home and make themselves at home is welcome.   And that is, to my mind, the most wicked thing to do.  And one of the reasons why is that you've totally screwed over future generations.  You've inherited something that you haven't passed on.
In fact, you've decided to destroy the whole thing for your short term emotional misunderstanding.  And I think that is unforgivable.
Where in our schools would students and pupils be taught to carry on this tradition?  Mainly, they are told how to war on it.  That has been happening for generations.
That's the new way to be clever and virtuous.  So maybe they won't pass it on this time.  Across America you can see that.  It seems obvious to me that students in America
haven't been taught the American idea. (...) Free speech:  they don't understand the idea.  It's not just that they want to turn up and holler and jabber, sometimes knock people out,
set alight cars if someone disagrees with their point of  view.  They don't think free speech matters, really.  source

Elites have their diplomas from degraded universities that replaced Liberal education with leftist indoctrination"...the fruits of egalitarianism are ignorance, the habit of intellectual conformity, and the systematic subjection of cultural achievement to political criteria. In the university, this means classes devoted to pop novels, rock videos, and third-rate works chosen simply because their authors are members of the requisite sex, ethnic group, or social minority. It means students who graduate not having read Milton or Dante or Shakespeare—or, what is in some ways even worse, who have been taught to regard the works of such authors chiefly as hunting grounds for examples of patriarchy, homophobia, imperialism, etc. It means faculty and students who regard education as an exercise in disillusionment and who look to the past only to corroborate their sense of superiority and self-satisfaction." source

Universities teach students to be racists, and they've succeeded.   But, administering politically correct racism (identity politics) at university can become rather a quagmire.  These students who were "taught" by cultural Marxists are in our elementary schools.

High School grade inflation in the U.S. -  "Nearly half of America’s Class of 2016 are A students. Meanwhile, their average SAT score fell
from 1,026 to 1,002 on a 1,600-point scale — suggesting that those A’s on report cards might be fool’s gold." source 

In the UK  -  "A London Jewish school has been failed three times by government inspectors because it fell short of requirements set out in the Equalities Act to teach LGBT principles in general and homosexuality/gender reassignment issues in particular."  source   Church of England Issues ‘Gender Identity’ Guidelines for ‘Modern Britainsource

Planned Parenthood to preschoolers - “Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.” source

The horror - The AP Gives ‘Tips’ for Deciding If Your Kid Is Transgender.  Wire service promotes transgender summer camp for 4-year-olds. source 

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,”
 “These parents feel betrayed by the school district that they were not notified,”  
“The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl.” source

Camille Paglia weighs in on this new craze.


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