May 11, 2017

What happened to our universities?

The following excerpt was transcribed from a Camille Paglia lecture and Q 'n' A -
I'm also calling for an end to this insanity of excluding biology from gender studies.  How in the world did this happen?   How did women's studies and gender studies end teaching about gender without any reference whatsoever to biology or to hormones?  Right now, Post Structuralism dominates gender studies everywhere.  (...)
The Post Structuralists pose as leftists.  But what were they doing in the past few decades with this crazy parasitic growth of this administrator master class that's taken over the universities? a period of obscene rise in tuition costs...student debt that's crippling families...where were these leftists, these great leftists on our college campuses?  Were they resisting the administrators?  Were they denouncing student debts?  Were they lamenting the plight of adjunct teachers?  No-ooo, they were running to conferences talking about Foucault with their stupid elitist jargon.  They thought that's leftism?  These Post Structuralists are the worst mercenary careerists in this country.  The leading Post Structuralists...are retiring as multi-millionaires, and they pose as leftists.  It is a scandal.  Forget Foucault, for heavens sakes.  It's absolutely absurd.  So, we have to bring biology and authentic study of medicine and anthropology and history back into gender studies.  (...)
I'm on the warpath against the bureaucracy of the campuses. (...) The faculties are totally castrated.   What are they doing?   The faculties have absolutely been marginalized in this country.   They didn't utter a peep as this administrative master class took over.  The administrators who are in league with federal mandates or federal authorities in Washington (DC).   We're living in an age of Stalinism right now.
And again, the leftists talk the big talk, but they do nothing where it really matters, which is to demand a 50% reduction in the number of administrators.  And, also a 75% reduction in their salaries, which often exceeds that of the faculty members.  People should realize how many of the ills I'm decrying about, the suppression of speech and free thought on campus is coming from administrators who are these social welfare do-gooders.  Oscar Wilde was scathing about these aggressive philanthropists who dominated the Victorian Period.  -source
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison is hiring a Specialist to plan social justice leadership retreats, host "discussion groups for marginalized populations,"   and generally "advance social justice" on campus.
Excerpt from a Victor Davis Hanson article  -  Napolitano, president of the UC system.  Her office has requested tuition increases.  Student debt is reaching all-time highs in California.  At a time that the over-taxed state is facing billion-dollar budget deficits, some retired UC professors are reported to have been earning more than $300,000 in pensions while returning as emeriti instructors;  this maxes out their total state compensation at more than a half-million dollars a year.  And yet Napolitano apparently failed to disclose that she had accumulated a slush fund of some $175 million in reserve cash.  Her stash reportedly was the result of a long and deliberate practice of requesting far more money that she actually planned to spend.  That way, she freed up capital for her own agendas — one of which seems to have been to fund lavish retirement parties. Over four years, Napolitano inter alia also billed the university more than $200,000 a year for her personal apartment. UC, like many contemporary progressive institutions, has a paradoxical view of capitalism and its fruits: Progressive social-justice warriors must be well accommodated first, if, second, they are to advance social justice.
Even as Napolitano (infamous as Homeland Security secretary for authorizing a memo suggesting that returning military veterans and right-wingers rather than radical Islamists posed the greatest terrorist threat to national security) championed social-justicea gendas, from global warming to safe and sanctuary spaces, she seemed to adopt an imperial lifestyle at public expense.  Will she be fired for gross negligence?  Malfeasance?  Probably not — and for a variety of well-known reasons.  Savvy public officials purchase de facto indemnity insurance by professing progressive solidarity. Napolitano learned long ago — during her various missteps in the Obama administration — that “noble” aims can more than justify unsavory means to obtain them. In contrast, had she entered UC from the corporate world, had she supported issues such as guaranteeing free speech on campus, or had she opposed the spread of segregated safe spaces and campus attacks oninvited speakers, then she probably would have been fired over this latest scandal.  Source

How the universities supresses free speech - "It's a Kafkaesque cycle, where the universities and the media;  These organs of group think establish an unsafe environment for conservatives, then blame and financially charge those conservatives for the environment  they, themselves, have created.  And implying, as they do so that it is the conservatives and conservative ideas that are responsible for the incidences of violence, and ignoring the fact that all the violence comes from the left."  excerpted from You Tube vlog

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