March 12, 2017

Globalism vs democracy

"...the fundamental flaw in globalism is that
while you can create a global financial system,
easily, and a global economic system with some difficulty, 
but you can do it:  We never created a global government; 
a global democracy; a global method for people to govern 
themselves, because we never stopped to get rid of the 
dictatorships in Russia, China, and 2 dozen other countries 
that were prominent players in the global economy, 
but that didn't allow their people any freedom or any democracy." 

"And the result is that we end up having our decisions 
made for us by countries, only some of whom are 
democratic.  And those decisions are very often against 
the interests of freedom;  against the interests of 
democracy, and just unfair.   That's why Britain left the 
European Union.  (I've worked for Brexit, as you know.)...
because, fundamentally,  there was no democracy in the 
European Union.  And the British wanted to be governed 
by a democracy.  France may follow suit." 

"The United States has turned away from the World 
Trade Organization and the Pacific Rim Initiative and
other stuff, because until we solve that problem of how 
you incorporate the people's view, not just the banker's view, 
not just the economist's view, not just the expert's view, but 
the people's view, the world population will be suspect of globalism, and rightly so." Dick Morris

The more layers of bureaucracies, the less democracy and less libertyFree speech is one of the first things to go.  Europe does not have free speech, nor Canada.  For globalists, free speech is a threat.  This is seen played out in public on major universities.   Globalists (and groups funded by globalists) have no respect for free speech, to the point of speech codes, dress codes (appropriation), to the point of using organized thugs...(who supports these masked thugs? Soros?) violently shut down speaking events in America.
Globalists lash out at facts - Citing ‘offensive’ anti-jihadi tweets, a coalition of establishment figures in France is now seeking to jail outsider 2017 presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. (...) In 2015, Le Pen tweeted out a series of violent images of the victims of ISIS terrorism, including the decapitated body of U.S. journalist James Foley. She did so in response to a journalist’s comparison of her populist political party to the terrorist organization.  source  Globalists see the voter as "peasant", and peasants should not be bothered by certain facts that might shine light of day on the Marxist/Globalist "narrative".
Open borders globalists usher in anti-Semitism to Europe, and as far as they're concerned, no regrets, no apologies, nothing.   Currently. the EU is trying to force Poland into taking on Islamist immigrants, and who can blame Poland for not wanting to import anti-Semitism? 

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