February 12, 2017

The hard left media in America

transcribed from www.breitbart.com/pocasts/milo/
"As a gay Brit here, this is sort of a warning from Europe, y'know, I've watched how ordinary Americans are spoken about by your own media,
 by the media that's supposed to look after your interests, not those of the elites, not those of vested interest, not those of professional paid lobbyists.
They are supposed to be here to look after you." (...)
"The Democrats are a mess.  The opposition party is the media.  Nobody believes these guys anymore.  Nobody trusts them and
they did that themselves...by lying to and lying about you for decades." (...)
"...you should also be wondering what kind of America are they trying to paint and why they're trying to do it.  For years the left and their various degenerate platoons, like Hollywood, the NY media, and universities (have) vilified and generalized about an entire race, all along, of course, telling us that race is just a social construct.  So race isn't real, but if you're a white guy, you're the devil. You can't wrap your head  'round it.  I doesn't make any sense.   It doesn't make any sense like the trans thing, y'know, they sort of say on the one hand... oh, gender is a social construct; there's no such thing as a male brain or a female brain, but this special group of people that we really love, they're men born with female brains.  And just asking for more questions about the science will get you blocked, called a transphobe, ejected from polite society." (...)
"There are 200 million white people in this country and they're not all wealthy.   It's not a surprise that Donald Trump won, when the cultural institutions on the left are doing what they've been doing for the last 30 years.  Did any of these people think that America wouldn't get tired of the harassing, the lying, the insulting, and vote to save themselves from the odious bigotry of the progressive left?
The left berated, assaulted and socially ostracized a huge slice of the population based on skin color with results like this..." (Milo shows a pic of the Chicago 4 torture/kidnapping case to his audience.)
"This assault, which all of you will now have seen, did not come out of nowhere;  didn't just happen.  People didn't get these ideas from just somewhere.  And when these guys are torturing a mentally ill teenager, and saying, 'Fuck white people.  Fuck Trump.', they got that from somewhere.   They got it from the progressive left.  They got it from the hucksters and race baiters like Al Sharpton.  They got it from the media that panders to Black Lives Matter. This is the inevitable result.  And the police officers, whose job it is to mop up the mess, get called racists; institutional racists, is the thanks for their trouble trying to bring people like this to heel." "The Tour Continues"
Excerpted from a Camille Paglia interview
Drunk with words, spin, and snark, middle-class journalists can't be bothered to notice the complex physical constructions that make modern civilization possible. The laborers who build and maintain these marvels are recognized only if they can be shoehorned into victim status. But if they dare to think for themselves and vote differently from their liberal overlords, they are branded as rubes and pariahs.  In summary: to have any hope of retaking the White House, Democrats must get off their high horse, lose the rabid rhetoric, and reorient themselves toward practical reality and the free country they are damned lucky to live in.  Paglia

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