February 3, 2017

Heads up FBI - Violent anarchists across state lines

"...The only thing that this guy [Berkeley Professor  Robert Reich] said that’s correct is that these guys were not students, the guys in the black, they’re anarchists from out of town.   They’re the same
people that shut down UC Davis, they’re the same people that created  chaos at University of Washington in Seattle."
"They’re organised, well funded, I wouldn’t go as far to say well equipped but I was standing up top with the police when these guys marched in and we’re getting reports that anarchist are 4 blocks away, 3 blocks away, 2 blocks away, they’ve got bats, they’ve got weapons.
They actually had shields with them, every other one had a shield that was about 3 foot by 6 foot covered in back trash bags, I don’t know what it was made out of.  But they walked into the campus, single file like a military unit, cut straight through the crowd about one row of people back behind the barriers and the surrounded the building."
"At that time I thought they were gonna lock arms, Tej continued, that’s a tactic they used  at University of Washington, Seattle, they did the exact same thing they just cut straight through the crowd and they locked arms. But they didn’t do that, that’s when they started firing fireworks, throwing eggs and that’s when they started pulling apart the barriers and they tipped over that light stand that had a diesel generator in it, that’s what caused the fire and lit the tree on fire. And the police effectively did nothing, nothing while we were there."source

Mayor of Berkeley sympathetic to rioters and their desire to curtail free speech.

These are weekend thugs (not critical thinkers), easily led, as long as there's a riot now and again.  Lots of fun. Play-revolution for the gullible children of the upper and middle class.   And I would suppose they have emotionally troubled members impressionable enough to believe this antifada drivel, and thrilled to be part of a quasi-underground organization fighting the evils of free speech.   At issue is that they are receiving outside money, and one thinks of Soros, to silence conservatives in America.  Visit one of the antifada websites.   I suggest they change their name to Soros' Brown Shirts.  

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