November 14, 2016

Dictatorship 101

Dictators require 3 things: a loyal secret police, a  loyal military, and an enemy.  The military and the secret police keep the dictator in power.  The secret police eliminate civilian and military individuals who are suspected to be disloyal.  In the face of a rising military budget, the dictator directs his economy. The citizens remain poor because of the economy is centrally controlled.  A rationale is needed for this kind of government, and the rationale is "the menacing enemy".  Today, who is the enemy that dictators need?   It's the U.S.A..  With their subservient press, dictators frame the U.S. as the enemy,  however unlikely.  Even Venezuela claims that the U.S., with a hard leftist President, is a threat. 

Obama agreed to a lopsided nuclear deal with Iran, where Iran got billions in cash, sanctions lifted, and a clear path to a nuclear arsenal, while the U.S. got zilch.  And still, the U.S. is their enemy.   Dictators can't do without an enemy.  Obama's intent was to nudge Iran into the fold of the international community.  Fail.

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