September 21, 2016

London mayor's curious advice

Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, met with his counterpart in the
Big Apple,  far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio, and explained that 
urban dwellers should simply get used to jihadist rampages.
"Terror attack are part and parcel of life in a big city," 
Khan told the Evening Standard just hours after police 
foiled multiple terror attacks in New Jersey and New York.source

"...simply get used to jihadist rampages."   Let's examine that.
Many Westerners agree with the London mayor, because who wants
the violence to spread?   We just want to get on with our lives.  Meanwhile,
with increasing frequency, Muslims attack while Western leaders do nothing.
Why shouldn't Muslims terrorize us and then tell us to get used to it? 
Western leaders are too frightened to even admit there is a war.  In America, when we're attacked,
we get lectured and scolded by politicians and the press, for being racist.   It ain't racism to want to defend against terror.

The tolerance of Westerners to Muslim terror will transform into hatred over time.  Year in year out, as the West continues to face Muslim terror, the Western response will grow more brutal and sweeping, because people don't get used to terrorism.  When leadership instructs us to get used to terrorism, they really mean that there should be no response to the terrorists, which amounts to submission to terrorists.

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