August 8, 2016

Globalism is conflict

"In Western societies, there is now a tremendous disconnect between the traditional political and business elites and the citizenry. The populations of the West now find themselves ruled
by a transnational elite who see tradition, loyalty, and patriotism as primitive, and whose promoters within academia, nonprofits, government bodies, labour unions, NGOs, and
the media teach that nations, citizenship, borders, and law defined by elected parliaments are irksome problems to be overcome."

Globalism not only sets up tension between the elites versus the voters, but also brings violent cultural clash between citizens vs. immigrants,  ( illegal and M.E. "refugees" ).   The more
suicide bombing, rioting, gang rapes and murder by young males in these uncontrolled movements of populations, the more likely that civil conflict will be the resolution to these new tensions
forced on us, unnecessarily, by the Globalists.

Global elites, like Hillary Clinton, have walls around their mansions
and armed guards, while promoting uncontrolled migration and
incremental attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

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