December 20, 2015

Most failed President since LBJ?

 From American  "President Pangloss and the Refugee Crisis" "President Obama and the hand wringers generally think that the solution to the migrant crisis is to scold people for being unwilling to absorb ever growing numbers of refugees escaping from ever more disastrous failures of foreign policy. But this is a dead end. You can’t have an orderly world without a world order, and a world order can’t exist unless somebody is willing to do what it takes to defend it. President Obama’s Jeffersonian decision to let the Middle East burn without launching any American response is the direct cause of the flare-up in nativism, Islamophobia, and anti-refugee sentiment in both Europe and the United States."
"That doesn’t mean the U.S. should be sending ground troops into every conflict zone on planet Earth. Our foreign (policy) needs to be politically and economically sustainable for the long term. We need allies, we need a prudent awareness about limits and costs, and we need a strategic approach to international politics that allows us to focus our resources and attention on the things that matter most."
"But as one ex-Obama official after another has made clear, we haven’t been doing that over the last seven years—and one of the consequences is the weakening hold of exactly the values that President Obama cares most about over public opinion across the West."

"ACTUALLY, I’D SAY HIS PREMATURE IRAQ PULLOUT THE SAME YEAR WAS WORSE: Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not Planning For Aftermath Of Libyan Intervention In 2011. But hey, he’s got enough disastrous mistakes that reasonable people can differ as to which one was the worst."                                      Posted at 8:55 am by Glenn Reynolds
( Time will tell, Glenn, but I reckon his biggest blunder is the nuclear deal with Iran. )

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