July 23, 2014

America must enforce it's borders

Countries enforce their borders against illegal entry for several good reasons, any of which
are being ignored by the Democrat Party.  The Democrats are on a mission to save the world
from global warming or climate change and it follows that any means to that end, to them,
is morally correct.

So, for the "world saving" Democrat Party, accumulating votes has a higher priority than national defense, disease control or preventing cartel gang members from entering the country.   (You can see these Mexican thugs in action on the net.   Do not watch these videos for your  own sanity.   You can't shake the memory of seeing young women executed with axes.)   With U.S. immigration policy on the border as it stands today, the Mexican cartels are recruiting young people from the flow of illegal Central Americans trekking north into America, because they aren't tatted up and can infiltrate the United States without being identified as cartel soldiers.   The cartels are moving into the U.S..

52,000 children, mostly from Central America have been apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol
since October of 2013.  Hispanics are dying in the desert. This is not a humane way to run immigration.
It's no way to run immigration.  It benefits the cartels, one of our greatest threats, and that is a dereliction of duty by Obama.

And then you read about the Federal Govt. dumping bus loads of illegal aliens in
various cities across the U.S. without notifying the local authorities.  Can the press muster enough integrity to ask hard questions of the Obama Administration?

Who, in the Obama Administration, is deciding where the Fed dumps these bus loads of illegal immigrants?

Why aren't illegal aliens deported?

How much disease will be carried over the border by these illegal aliens?
There are serious infectious diseases to worry about like: 

Tuberculosis - A Mexican Immigrant With Drug-Resistant TB Goes Missing in CA.

Malaria - eradicated in the U.S. in the 1940's, it has erupted in southern California, New Jersey,
NYC, and Houston.   Malaria tainted blood has been discovered in the blood supply.

Dengue -   The leading cause of death in children in infected areas in Asia.   It used to be unknown
in the U.S., but Dengue has occurred in the U.S..   There are Asians crossing the Mexican border.

Leprosy - Known as Hanson's Disease.  In the last 3 years, there have been 9,000 cases and most of
them were illegal aliens.  40 years prior to 2002, there were 900 total cases of Leprosy in the U.S..

And the list goes on:   Scabies, H1N1 Flu,  Viral Hepatitis,  Chagas Disease,  HIV...
The press is not interested in this, because they support Obama and the Democratic Party.   The press
is useful, however, if you're interested in NFL scandals.


excerpted from:
March 6, 2015  American Thinker.com
Those Other Diseased Illegal Immigrants
By Sierra Rayne

"In addition to the large Mexican and Central American illegal immigrant population in the U.S., there are also hundreds of thousands of illegals from countries such as the Philippines (310,000 as of the latest Homeland Security estimate for 2012), India (260,000), South Korea (230,000), China (210,000), Ecuador (170,000), Vietnam (160,000), and about another 1.8 million from other countries.

Since 2008, an additional 80,000 Vietnamese have entered the U.S. illegally. Add to that tens of thousands more from each of these other nations. Like Mexico and Central America, these regions have generally lower quality health care systems and a higher proportion of the population carrying infectious diseases than exists in the U.S. Consequently, these illegal migrants represent a substantial -- and poorly defined -- source of infectious diseases to the United States."


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