April 22, 2013

Miranda and Terrorists

The basis for not "Mirandizing" the terrorist is not based on the ideology of the individual. 
It is due to a strong probability that the terrorist was part of a cell that continues to be a threat to kill civilians.   Are the Boston bombers terrorists or are they citizens?  The grey area arises when the liberals fail to acknowledge the war of terror being waged by civilian fundamentalist Islamists on civilians.  The Boston bomber has now been read his Miranda rights, and assigned a lawyer.   The lawyer, of course, advises the client to say nothing.  So, we lost that information resource because the liberals just don't want to recognize the world war that radical Islam is waging.  If you wage war on America, you are an enemy combatant.  If you bomb civilians, you are a terrorist.  If you are motivated by Al Qaeda or similar creeds to bomb civilians and you carry it through, you have been recruited, and are a genuine enemy combatant.  The Boston bombing was a war crime.

No doubt that the overwhelming majority of  Muslims aren't terrorists.  However, some extreme Muslims, such as Al Qaeda, Wahhabis (who plant mullahs in American Mosques), Taliban, and the Iranian crime
family of  the Ayatollah and his proxy group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, (who is suspected to have sleeper cells in the U.S.),...just to name a few, are openly hostile to Americans and non-Muslims, to the extreme degree as to dedicate their lives to murdering civilians indiscriminately with any means possible.   They recruit suicide bombers in Mosques and over the internet.  They raise their children to hate Jews and Americans.  And they hate and murder and plot to expand their power in the name of Islam, so.... it is accurate to say that the small minority of radicalized Islamic people are quite rationally suspected of being terrorists.   And it would be better if the Democrats and the MSM recognized that radical Islamic terrorism existed.  

The basic conversation on the topic goes like this:  
When pundits and media talk about the radical Islamist using terror, the liberal pundits and media ask,
why paint all Muslims as terrorists?    The liberals are using this straw man argument to avoid the issue
of radical Islamists targeting civilians around the world.   A major underpinning of leftist politics is moral
and cultural relativism, holding that all cultures are equally valid.  If leftists accept that there is a culture
of suicide, hatred, aggression and mass murder within a specific major religion, then they have to question
relativism, which leftists refuse to do.  It's a dogged refusal to question relativism, so stubborn that their
minds slam shut like a vault door, spitting out the charge of, "racism", to those people who talk about
radical Islamists.  Thus the rush to Mirandize  the Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsamaev, and pretend that
he is not an enemy combatant.

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