January 24, 2013

Hillary admits to the Jihadist Movement

"Movement"? That´s one way to sugar coat it. What it is, is war, and civilians are the targets (children included). We should recognize that al Qaeda is a bloodthirsty enemy and take appropriate action. And instead of taking guns away from civilians, since they are indeed the target of al Qaeda, we should encourage civilians to arm up and get training from the NRA. If those oil workers in Algeria were carrying concealed Glocks or S&Ws, there's a chance that the tragedy would have had a  better outcome. But even if it did result in catastrophe, at least they would have had the chance to defend themselves. Die with their boots on, instead of dying with a bomb vest on.


leonard said...

Right on!

Muggins said...

Good to hear from you again, Leonard. Where are you hanging out?


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