November 29, 2012


Interest groups flock around the Democratic Party.  They accept, unquestioned, the propaganda which makes up the backbone of the Democrat Party discourse. The Republicans have to address these points of the iscussion if they want to win the White House. This Democrat demagoguery is of 3 themes. And they are:

[1] The Republicans are racist.
[2} The Republicans don´t care about the poor or middle class.
[3] The Republicans would have Congress take away women´s right to have an abortion.

With these 3 phony themes, the Democrats capture the lion's share of the minorities, the growing unemployed and working poor, and the women´s vote.
And the unemployment roles are growing, and the working poor are growing,
and women outnumber men.

Are the Republicans resigned to carry the tag of racist, being only for the rich, and determined to take away women´s right to have an abortion?   I think the litmus test Republicans essentially say yes.    Instead of being dominated by the social conservatives, the Republican Party should strive to be a big tent party and promote a coherent plan for health care, tax reform, entitlements, education, and national defense.  Abortion should be a matter for individual states, not a national issue.

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