September 9, 2012

Vote For Romney

The Democrat Party is no longer the party of the working class.   Raising taxes to hire more bureaucrats does not put America back to work.

Long term unemployment:
Apart from the physical problems of no income,
long term unemployment is psychologically traumatic. Social relationships change and not usually for the better. And on the job market, it's one rejection after another. Confidence erodes. Work skills wither. The rest of the work force suffers along with the 16% long term unemployed. (I'd reckon my estimate is more accurate than the Federal Govt's) People under-employed, working yet collecting food stamps, cannot afford health care insurance. And those fortunate enough to have full time jobs see their wages stagnant as the price of food and goods steadily increases, as health care, too, increases. They wonder when they'll get the axe. Can this country endure another 4 years of Democrat central planning and crony capitalism?

Update - March 9, 2013 -  4 months after Romney lost the election.   Obama won his tax hike, and demands yet more tax hikes, calling it "balanced".  With no compromise between the parties, the Sequester begins.  Tthe budget  deficit is over a trillion dollars once again.  Somebody will have to pay that debt and unfortunately, they will either inflate the dollar (which hurts the poor and fixed income folks the most) and/or pass the responsibility for this rampant spending to the next generation.  Generational theft.

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