August 24, 2012

Chicago Shootings

The same crime sprees happened during Prohibition. You can pass a law against beer, but people want beer and will find a way to get it.  If they can't get good beer, they'll settle for bathtub gin.   (Nowadays, with pot illegal, they'll settle for crack or meth or heroin.)   Supply and demand is a reality. Demand, combined with the prohibition, creates an underground economy. The black market does not resort to the courts when there is a dispute. They shoot it out in the streets. The press responds by making anyone responsible except those who are actually at blame.  Prohibition caused the murder rate to jump and fueled corruption of our elected officials and court system, as well as the press. Are the Puritans going to make anything else the people want illegal? The gangs could use the business.  They made pot, which is a non-addicting drug, illegal, and who do you suppose rakes in the profits?

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