August 15, 2012

Iran Wants War

As seen from the eyes of the West, Iran is acting
irrational in not worrying about Israel.

Everything is relative.

From the prospective of the death cultists running
Iran, war is what they want. It makes perfect sense
to them. The bigger the war the better. Their
leadership believe they are bullet proof because
they have the best bunkers. Their countrymen
(women and children included) are disposable.
The important thing is to bring on "the Big One"
and eliminate Israel. One nuke can destroy Tel Aviv, and Hezbollah and Hamas can mop up the rest...or
so the plan goes, especially with  Egypt to join in, needing a good war.  But why "the Big One?",
you might ask.  Because the 2nd coming of the 12thImam requires a conflagration.
So the concept that pundits think will prevent Iran from developing and using nukes, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), is  false when applied to the Iranians.    MAD worked with the Soviets, why not the Iranians?  The Soviets did not believe in an afterlife, nor a miraculous 2nd coming.  No matter how much damage the Western countries can inflict upon Iran, a major war will bring on a New Age with the 2nd coming of the 12th Imam, bringing ultimate victory for Islam.   They believe this strongly, and belief is impervious  to reason. 
It's all perfectly rational for the religious fanatics in Iran, at the same time positively insane to people with 21st Century values. Shall we hold more talks with the Iranians? Sure, it amuses them.

Victor Davis Hanson questioned on Ahmadinejad and Thucydides
"Ahmadinejad, I don't know what he'd (Thucydides) say about him.  I know what you guys think about him.   You don't know what to make of him, because you're 99% sure that the guy really doesn't believe that there's a missing Imam somewhere and he wants to take 30 million Persians and say. "You know what, we're all going to paradise and now the Persian Shia (will) inherit the mantle from the Sunni Arab and we're the real Muslims."  You're 99% sure that he doesn't believe that and that it's all an act...but you're not a 100% sure.   And that means that being loco and nuclear (indecipherable word} is pretty smart.    So I don't know...we think we can deter him, The Israelis think they can deter him, but he's acting crazy for a reason, and he may just possibly be crazy.   And 60 years after the Holocaust, I don't think the Jewish people can take that risk." 

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