March 11, 2012

The Politics of Decline

The Obama Doctrine is tax and spend, going
between $1 trillion  and $2 trillion deeper in dept
every year.    And, Chicago politics of  crony capitalism,
rewarding those CEOs who donate heavily to Democrats.
And, higher taxes with an unstopping onslaught of job killing new regulations.  Democrats (and the MSM) never talk about the workers who are long term unemployed, and the millions who are underemployed.  Why is that?   The cruel joke is, those unemployed will still vote Democrat, if they can maintain a residence, which is a problem when you can't find a job.  The Democrats have the majority of Americans on welfare, and that's their strategy.  Welfare recipients vote democratic.


leonard said...

The value of earning money, is not the same as spending it on government projects... Marxism begins in class education, the people getting salaries over take property and new values are made within the structures! ..just saying hello from the lost art of hotforwords!... the doctrine...

Muggins said...

Hi leonard. Glad to read that you are still ticking. I just polished off a quart of Stella Artois, and lack the get up an' go to dive into the link you provided, but I'll get to it tomorrow. Marx and I have something in common, other than being deathly lazy, it is that we both are a fans of Abraham Lincoln.

Muggins said...

Re: the link provided by leonard. It is a short course on dialectics. I got through a third of the page and I could read on no longer. Too swamped in terminology and about 3 layers removed from the nuts and bolts of my original topic in this string. However, (and I might be reading something into the following that was not the original meaning), under the paragraph of Engels' laws of dialectics- [1] The law of the unity and conflict of opposites... let me just say that my centrist politics is based on the tension between opposites. Daring to get into specifics, that would be big govt vs. small govt.. (It could be applied to unions vs. corporations or a number of other topics). My politics is not pegged on either side of the spectrum, or any political party. I consider problems and find answers. If one is committed to some philosophy or political party, then the answer is the given, and the problems fitted to the answer. Currently, the U.S. is spending too much and needs to cut that spending. It needs to roll back entitlements to the Clinton Era. It needs to simplify the tax code and get the ambitious lawyers that we elect to the Congress to stop their central planning. With health care, we need to make it cheaper, not more expensive. We need to decouple the employer from health care.


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