April 2, 2011

Obama not the worst President

Obama the worst President ever?

In Obama's defense, there are 4 POTUS who were worse. The worst were:
Andrew Johnson (1885-69) - for his botching Reconstruction that led to 90 years of Jim Crow America.
James Buchanan (1857-61) - was a traitor for arming the South before Lincoln could assume office.
LBJ (1963-69) - For his disastrous and far reaching failures, both in Vietnam and his Great Society programs.
Tricky Dick Nixon (1969-74) - for drafting me in 1971, for his war on drugs and creating the DEA, for price fixing, and for his Watergate coverup.

One can argue that Herbert Hoover and/or FDR were also failed Presidents, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt because they were up against a powerful depression that economists were still grappling with as what was the best policies. They both raised taxes, spending, and Hoover raised the tariffs, as Roosevelt was regulation crazy, and with hindsight, we can conclude they made grave mistakes. It's something future leaders should have learned from.

Obama (2009-13) has trumped Jimmy Carter (1977-81) to gain control of the number 5 spot on the list of worst POTUS. Both of them prolonged a bad recession and lowered U.S. influence around the world, as well as lowering U.S. morale at home. I give the tip to Obama for allowing Pelosi and Reid to drive the U.S. so deep in debt. Then there's Obama's incompetent energy policy, which he has time to fix, but I doubt he can ever understand why his Green energy policy is a non-starter. And what a failure of leadership with Obama not pressing for the Simpson-Bowles recommendations. Obama has 2 more years left and he might just add another failure to his legacy if the Muslim Brotherhood gains control of Libya.


leonard said...

Hello...the president was given an award ...the policy for democracy and city-state rule! http://www.hotforwords.com/forum/topic/words-american-presidents hello old hotforworder!...our nation needs more peace prize winners!

Muggins said...

I didn't know that about Obama getting an award. Thank you leonard, ol' buddy. Democracy and city/state rule? Do they mean Chicago? About that Peace Prize business...I just think it's more political than objective. For example, Yassar Arafat got the Peace Prize. And Al Gore. And Mohamed ElBaradei.

leonard said...

Been working hard...hardly! I think the ak 47 protection committee got tabled.. ...just passing by... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqw4aj9fr50 The word lady is still pimping dates and playing with herself... haha!

Muggins said...

Marina has a love affair with the camera. Which is good. I just think the big money in L.A. is missing out on her popularity potential. I think she could host a late night movie TV show, sort of like a Russian Rhonda Shear. Who wouldn't want to watch her? The sponsors would be paying top coin.

leonard said...

What scares me is how much cheap money is chasing these models selling capitalism! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monitorial_System ...the teacher and the school system/the original divide of Marxism pride...the prince and the oxen and the universal piano scales.... "Commodity money is money whose value comes from a commodity out of which it is made. " sourced: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodity_money Entertainment has overthrown the democratic values of discipline and made wages to produce food like council verses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counseling ...I enjoyed your blog and education can be wrong, like war and selling war things...

Muggins said...

Don't get me started...

Let all the people whose lives were ruined or terminated in the name of Marx arise from their mass graves and give a hearty "Thanks" to Karl Marx and his theories.

I guess monitorial learning is okay for some courses in college. In general, k thru 12 education in the U.S. of A. is below standard. Luckily, rote learning is a thing of the distant past. But classes are too big, the school year too short, and the tenure system has got to be scrapped. We have to start flunking students who fail. Or make them do summer school to make up for flunking. Somehow, make sure they learn to read, write and understand math. Improve school lunches. Ban soda pop and candy machines at school. Bring back sports in recess, and art and music courses. Foreign languages should be taught as early as the 1st grade in school.

leonard said...

I think that some higher learning institutions create too many crazy people hooked on manipulations of relation! :-) ps...keep up the good work, here something from Nueroway of hotforwords... http://www.bullyonline.org/workbully/attent.htm

Muggins said...

Insightful webpage, leonard, and thanks for that, (duly bookmarked), and I feel fortunate to be able to fit snugly into this world with the view of a pessimist. Let pessimism work for you. You see, pessimism "...alleviates feelings of insecurity and inadequacy,"... even if "...the relief is temporary as the underlying problem remains unaddressed: low self-confidence and low self-esteem, and consequent low levels of self-worth and self-love." I hate myself for saying this, and it's probably all bullshit. But pessimism temporarily gives me a shot of joy often enough to mask my self-worth issues and low self-esteem. What a great system. When pessimism fails, you get rewarded with some sort of a treat. (for example, "knowing" that this elevator will surely fail, and we're doomed, and when the door opens on your floor, you fall to your knees and kiss carpet outside the elevator, so happy to be alive). When the pessism pans out, you get rewarded with the smug feeling of being prescient and level headed. On that note, I think I'll have a dram of Aberlour A'Bunadh.


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