March 13, 2011

Lieberman calls for moritorium on nukes

In light of the nuclear meltdowns in Japan,
Lieberman has called for a moratorium on nukes.
That is not the only reason to re-think nuclear energy. Due to technological advances and discoveries of vast stores of natural gas, it is now our cheapest source of energy. The fact is that the U.S. is rich in natural gas. It would cost half as much to power our trucks and fleets, compared to diesel. The present administration has green energy blinders on and would wish natural gas just go away, even though natural gas is the cleanest by far of the fossil fuels. It is the duty of the press to begin to ask, if not badger, the Obama Administration why they are ignoring this great resource, which is environmentally friendly, very cheap and could go a long ways to making the U.S. energy independent... not to mention increase employment.


leonard said...

Hope I'm not a bother. The value of a city is wasting the earth! Like I said about "switch grass": Get the tractors and drivers to collect the last habitat... Another thing about an independent economy is how people from other nations can hire a mother to have an American born child! part three////let the crisis of law share the court rewards like how lawsuits reward mistakes....break the law not rewarding the general funds of health is the industry of education. Will B. Back

Muggins said...

Cities could be improved, ecologically. A great place to stuff humans. Switch grass is a natural habitat in the N.A. continent. Better than letting depleted soil go to weed. Weeds that were brought over by the European invaders. Plus, switch grass has deep roots, which goes to prevent erosion. You don't have to water switch grass, so the natural habitat where ever they rob the water from is saved. Harvesting switch grass is not so strictly seasonal, so farmers will tend to harvest at different times, allowing the critters to flow from farm to farm. Keep the soil, grow the energy, at least for the near future, until solar energy becomes viable, which shouldn't take too long. The motherhood thing is rather bizarre, but womb for rent is a gig, so I'm not knocking it. Should Bo Jackson sell his sperm? I suspect both the Republicans and Democrats have it wrong abaout insurance and health care. I do think we should find a way to fight the ugly fact that the courts are taking over our society. Pay the legislators cash money when they delete a statute.

leonard said...

I was just thinking in between the capital... (the included Wall Street video is interesting... Actually, its not much to wonder about to hire a women to birth a child in the United States... Cities amd counties and nations of tribes... I took an "F" in social science statistics... I think Marina of HotForWords is on strike!

Muggins said...

Alright now that makes me a bit queasy. Elton John for a mom. I'll bet he can make a good sandwich for the lunch pail, though. Still, I think kids deserve a female mom, despite the uncomfortable fact that Elton would probably be better than many moms, who have psychological problems being moms. I feel hesitant for the grey haired lawyers in Washington D.C. to be passing laws against womb for rent because of the freedom issues. It's not really right for these power players in congress to tell people how to live their lives and conduct their family situations. For example, my family was entirely hetero, yet there was psychological baggage to deal with. There still is. It continues from generation to generation. Happily, switch grass processors are being partially subsidized by Uncle Sam. Good investment. I'm thinking that all these corn ethanol refineries could be retrofitted over to cellulosic refineries with no permitting delays, once they get the technology proven.

Muggins said...
El Dippero Grande con las galaxies en la fondo.
(The Big Dipper with galaxies in the background.)

leonard said...

That is stars soul bright! The lunch pail blues/I knew the song... packed with extra cream. Good Ol' Mountain Dew by Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan. I'll need a full glass to get downtown(the switch grass or who's hooked dope?)....Just think I'm a song title without the words(an in stru mental)!`~~~` happy {4th of july}.... Just a hello and here/hear.... MARINA ORLOVA and ELLIOT MINTZ - Marina is arguably one of the most downloaded women on the internet with over 400 million hits on her site "Hot for words." She became a "Youtube" sensation by explaining the derivation of "words." John Lennon and the what rhymes with learmer donors... the CRIB-age! hope I'm knot a bother!

Muggins said...

Yeah but...does Marina know what "is" is? According to a certain naughty President, it had more than one meaning. Any distinction between is and is may be to subtle for me to grasp.

Nice little country tune by Bob and Johnny...Johnny Cash, that is. Ah, America...I'm so relieved that Marina is becoming American. Improves the gene pool. Now she can become an American wife. (refer to video clip, below)


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