August 10, 2010

Hiroshima, 65 years later

Critics claim that intercepted communiques indicated
that Japan was considering surrender. But were the
Allies supposed to assume that the diplomatic communiques
spoke also for the military? Because it's doubtful
they did, and the military held the power.
The Kamikazees were sinking U.S. shipping, with
sailors dying, while Japanese civilians (including
women and children) were being trained to
fight to the death. How long was President Truman
supposed to wait for Japan to decide to surrender?
Weeks? Months? And after weeks or
months the Japanese did not surrender, then what?
Invasion**, and millions of military and civilian
casualties. While Truman was weighing these factors,
he had to worry about the Soviets moving in to claim
Japanese territory. Atomic bombs are horrible, but
so is death in a fire storm which took more lives,
yet there's not the outcry against fire bombing that
the atomic bombs have. Keep in mind that in 1945, the
destruction caused by atomic bombs did not hold the
horror and condemnation it rightly gained after their
use. There is something haunting about one bomb causing
such devastation and human suffering due to burning
and radiation. If the U.S. had fire bombed Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, perhaps more people would have burned to
death, and also, the Japanese may not have been convinced
to surrender. Even with hindsight, we don't know. And
Truman did not have the advantage of any hindsight.


** Excerpt from:
August 11, 2010
A Rather Angry America
by Victor Davis Hanson
Pajamas Media

History Is Negotiable

We sent our first delegation to the services marking the bombing of Hiroshima. Fine, but will we do the same with the Philippines, Manchuria, South Korea, and all the other places^^ where the Imperial Japanese Army by early 1945 was killing on average well over 5,000 a day in its occupied co-prosperity sphere? To understand why Hiroshima, understand 50,000 American casualties, 100,000 Japanese dead, and 100,000 Okinawan dead at the conclusion of Okinawa ten weeks earlier, and then multiply it by a factor of 10 for the upcoming Japanese homeland invasion.


^^Add to that list:
The Rape of Nanking, of which the Japanese still do not recognize.
Do not teach their children about.
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