June 1, 2010

Nobel-winning Elders deplore Gaza flotilla attack

Re: "Nobel-winning Elders deplore Gaza flotilla attack"
in the THE HINDU, Johannesburg, May 31, 2010 online edition

Dear Editor,

I am a concerned that the article did not mention that there
were other boats in that flotilla that did not fight the Israeli commandos,
and in those boats, there were no casualties. The men on that one ship,
armed with steel clubs, hammers, knives and other crude weapons,
initiated hand-to-hand combat with the commandos, and so I'm concerned that the
article did not mention that. Why omit that? Other questions arise,
such as why was there an armed resistance on that one ship
in the flotilla? Who, exactly, organized them? Who was the leader
of those men? Was it the captain of the ship, or a sailor, or was it a
passenger? What organization plotted this violence?
I'm certain that the editors of the THE HINDU are curious about
those same issues and more, and I would appreciate it if THE HINDU
would look into these questions and report to the public.

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