June 3, 2010

More analysis on the commando boarding off of Gaza

Excerpt from The Local, a Swedish online news source.

"Who actually profited from what happened?
Well, most analysts agree that the biggest beneficiaries
are the radical Islamists of the Middle East, notably Hamas,
the terrorist organization which currently rules Gaza.
Hamas won a major PR victory and gained valuable
international legitimacy at the expense of moderate
Palestinians and the Fatah leadership of the West Bank.
Politically this is a boost for those Palestinians who
object to peace negotiations with Israel, and prefer
the more violent path of jihad, the so-called holy war
against Israel and the non-Muslim world.

In Turkey, Islamist extremists are milking the incident
to win easy points against secular and modernising forces.
Iran is delighted that the world’s attention is being
diverted away from its nuclear programme and arms deals
with Hezbollah and Syria. As so often before in the
Middle-East, the rhetoric of peace and freedom becomes
a tool to strengthen despotic, terror-sponsoring regimes
which scoff at both. This happened largely because,
as Israeli author David Grossman put it, Israel acted
like a puppet on strings pulled by a small fanatical
Turkish organization.

It's hard to tell if this is what the Swedish activists
on the flotilla were hoping to achieve. If it wasn't,
and their only aim was to deliver humanitarian aid to
Gaza and protest against Israel's blockade, they must
be extremely naïve if they call the flotilla a success.
Assuming their intentions were good, they might want
to consider a few changes next time they embark on
Middle East mission.

First, it's always good to know who your partners are.
In this case, the IHH, the Turkish movement behind the
Mavi Marmara, has proven links to terrorist organizations
and global Jihad. It is now obvious that their aim wasn't
only humanitarian aid: they have boasted that they were
looking for violent confrontation and sadly Israel gave
them more than they needed to make their point. Now they
have their martyrs.

In reality, the flotilla was an unfortunate alliance of
idealistic peace activists and hard-core Islamic extremists."

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