May 8, 2010

In support of the 2 party system, as bad as it is.

I'm sorry George Washington and John Quincy Adams, politics inevitably divides into parties.
But, I do not understand why every new form of democratic government on this planet embraces the Parliamentary model. Is it because they think that multi-parties are a good thing? A party for the communists, one or two for the socialists, a party for the reactionaries, one for the conservatives, perhaps one for the middle of the road voters, plus the environmentalist's Green party. Not to forget a party for every religious sect, every race and ethnic group, because they represent the highest potential for violence in society. But democracy is about something higher than pandering to the eternally squabbling hard heads. It is about liberty, both economic and political. So the issues are, roughly, big government versus small government and the dynamic tension between those opposites, boiling down the multi-parties into the 2 party system. The separate factions resolving their differences in the caucus of each party, instead of on the ballot, where, as seen in Britain and in Iraq, a compromise is not up to the people, but up to the power players in Parliament and the reining Prime Minister.

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