March 30, 2010

Disrespect and lack of empathy in politics

Helen Smith talks about the problem of the entrenched party politics
in her article at Pajamas Media

I left the comment: there are people on both sides of the spectrum who hold little empathy and are intolerant, after all politics involves millions of people. But, as a centrist and it’s my experience that the left has this affliction in spades. Helen Smith has some good ideas there, and I like her approach to the topic. I’d like to add that like the dog whisperer, political intercourse should be calm and assertive. There are the important political issue such as taxes, regulation, national defense, education and so forth. But there are minor issues, which the press emphasize, that are soap opera-like, melodramatic, including personality destruction which derail our attention from the important issues. These side dramas have to be commented upon, of course, but it’s critical not to dwell on them and be caught up in the emotional maelstrom. We must calmly steer political intercourse back on track of the important issues.

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