January 23, 2010

Pleasant exchange of ideas at uTube

dinardo1910 has posted a comment on your profile:
you're no different than the christian zealots who denied that the Earth revolves
around our star, the Sun. you have no training in sciences, no doctorate, no experience,
and yet you have the gull to tell thousands of experts that they are wrong? piss off.
dumb ass american

My email response to dinardo110-
I am very different from christian zealots, and I am not decided on global warming.
There is controversy on the topic of global warming, and scientists do not all agree
that the human generated CO2 has a significant effect on the warming trend. But,
since scientists do disagree on this topic, then it is you that has the "gull" to tell
experts that they are wrong. Myself, I don't believe in either side of the controversy.
But, from your accusations and childish insults, am I wrong in thinking that you
believe in human generated global warming? If so, then you are more like the
christian zealots, since you are closed minded, and caught up in a belief.

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