November 9, 2009

Chavez rattling sabres

copy 'n' pasted from Bloomberg online

Chavez Says Venezuela to Prepare for War as Deterrent (Update3)

By Daniel Cancel

Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told the military
and civil militias today to prepare for war as a deterrent to a U.S.-led attack
after American troops gained access to military bases in neighboring Colombia.

Chavez said a recently signed agreement that gives American troops access
to seven Colombian bases is a direct threat to his oil-exporting country.
Colombia has handed over its sovereignty to the U.S. with the deal, he said.

“Generals of the armed forces, the best way to avoid a war is to prepare for one,”
Chavez said in comments on state television during his weekly “Alo Presidente”
program. “Colombia handed over their country and is now another state of the
union. Don’t make the mistake of attacking: Venezuela is willing to do anything.”

Another report: Overview by Megan McArdle on Chavez and his motivation to aggress towards Columbia.

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