August 2, 2009

Venezuela has the communist disease. Not yet communist, but on the short road to it. Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey and other celebs can take a good look at their support for Hugo Chavez, whose newest thrust is to "regulate" freedom of expression in Venezuela, by shutting down 34 opposition radio stations.

"It is necessary to legislate on this matter; it is necessary that the Venezuelan State regulates freedom of expression," said Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz

I highly recommend watching this unfold in El Universal, an online news source out of Caracas, as it reports on the transition of Venezuela into a one party state.

New development: Motor cycle gang, goons from Chavez, entered a TV station by force
and threw tear gas. "Approximately 30 motorcycle drivers led by Lina Ron burst in the premises of the TV channel, broke the gate in a brute force attack, opened the main door, and put down the staff with firearms..." If this would have happened in Canada, the press would be all over it. But it's in Venezuela. Still I find it interesting that the U.S. press does not cover Venezuela, considering that Chavez is consolidating power using the "demon" U.S. as his rationale, plus Chavez's blaming the U.S. for the Honduras coup. Venezuela should not be off the map for more reasons than that. There's the cooperation with Iran, for example, and the arms deals with Russia. Why so many arms? What does Chavez intend to do?

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