July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Resigns

Palin has become the anode for the left's aggression, in media and in the courts. Palin's practical ability to serve her state, has been successfully attenuated by a number of frivolous lawsuits by her opponents. She's not a Kennedy nor married to Heinz Ketchup fortune, and has to raise money to pay for her defense, reducing her time to be governor. It makes sense for her to resign, and leave her office to her lieutenant gov., who can then devote the governor's office full time to the business of Alaska. Recognizing that her role as governor was severely limited by mounting defenses to the charges as well as raising money to pay the court costs, it is the higher moral road to resign. Her resignation puts at risk her ambition to run for POTUS, but then that makes her resignation even that much more the high road. Alaska, like any state, deserves more than an absentee governor. Sarah Palin is not politics as usual, where the typical politician would stay in office to the detriment of their state just to further their career. The obvious loose end is the frivolous lawsuits, and how it has grown to become a tool to destroy our elected officials.

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