December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto R.I.P.

Excerpted (in purple) from the NRO online

Thursday, December 27, 2007
Benazir Bhutto [Mark Steyn]

The State Department geniuses thought they had it all figured out. They'd arranged a shotgun marriage between the Bhutto and Sharif factions as a "united" "democratic" "movement" and were pushing Musharraf to reach a deal with them. That's what diplomats do:
They find guys in suits and
get 'em round a table. But none of those representatives
represents the rapidly evolving reality of Pakistan.

...she was everything we in the west would like a Muslim leader to be. We should be
modest enough to acknowledge when reality conflicts with our illusions.

People think we can talk to these extremist Islamics.
It's naive to think child killing, snuff film making, assassins
can be dealt with like civilized people. As far as Bhutto is
concerned, she was reckless and much was lost with her
assassination. I would hope that the leaders of the world
would scrupulously attend to their personal security in these
times of suicide bombers and assassins.

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