October 2, 2007

Below is an excerpt from an article
Christopher Hitchens in Slate.com
on China
and it's support of heinous regimes.

Maintained in China
by Christopher Hitchens
Oct. 1, 2007

I thought President Bush was quite correct
in listing his least favorite regimes during
his address to the United Nations last week
and in trying to ramp up the international
pressure on the goons in Rangoon. The
governments that he singled out were the
uniquely repellent ones that consider the
citizen to be the property of the state and
the uniquely boring ones that have remained
in power until their citizens are positively
screaming for release. I do not need to
specify these senescent gangster systems
individually, except that they all have one
thing in common. They are all defended,
from Cuba to Zimbabwe, by the Chinese
vote at the United Nations.

Those who care or purport to care about
human rights must start to discuss this
problem in plain words. Is there an
initiative to save the un-massacred remains
of the people of Darfur? It will be met by
a Chinese veto. Does anyone care about
Robert Mugabe treating his desperate
population as if it belonged to him personally?
China is always ready to help him out. Are
the North Koreans starved and isolated so
that a demented playboy can posture with
nuclear weapons? Beijing will give the
demented playboy a guarantee. How long
can Southeast Asia bear the shame and
misery of the Burmese junta? As long as
the embrace of China persists.


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