July 9, 2007

Clean coal



Below is my email to Charles Krauthammer in response to
his article about Congress' approach to energy efficiency.

Re: The Tax-Free Lunch,

Dear Mr. Krauthammer,

I am on your side. as far as the Chinese model for our energy needs goes.
But, I balk at higher gasoline taxes because I'm on a fixed income. I think
there are more than just 2 sides to this topic.

Hi-grade diesel fuel can be made from coal using the Fischer-Tropsch process
which was invented prior to WWII in Germany. It's been used by South Africa
and is slowly venturing out worldwide. It's competitive to petroleum in today's
market, theoretically, but I think distribution, i.e. gas stations, could be a major
hang up. Most stations are owned, or controlled, by Big Oil.

Parallel with this resource, Europe and Asia are producing clean burning, fuel
efficient diesel cars, and have been for years, but these cars are not allowed in
the U.S..

I'm for the free market to solve our energy problems, but the market is not free
if the world can buy fuel efficient diesels, except in the U.S.. Plus, Big Oil was
granted mergers for the last few decades, only to use it's virtual monopoly
to retard the transition to other sources for energy.

San Jose, CA

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