May 1, 2007

Legalize it like beer

The reason why they made pot illegal was that it was mistakenly
associated with Mexican and Black violence. People bought into
that hoakie tale hook, line, & sinker. And also, hemp fiber was a
competitor to DuPont's new plastic, nylon.
Since then, the government has spent millions of dollars on
propaganda to make people believe that pot was evil and a killer.
Even as recently as Clinton's Administration, his drug Czar
General Barry McCaffrey told the press that he had names of
people who died from pot. While watching that press conference,
I wished that the press had the courage to ask him for the names
of those people who died, but they took it silently. There is a strong
taboo against pot. Legalization has been recommended by conservatives
like William F. Buckley, George Shultz former Sect. of State for
Ronald Reagon, and Milton Friedman.
Here is a discussion between me (as 2oonz) and someone calling
himself the Alpha Male at a football forum.

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