March 3, 2007

Responding to the conversation between
the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jon Stewart...

Reparations is a non-starter. Slavery happened too long ago,
in the century before last. But because reconstruction was a failure,
and racism in America was so rampant and damaging, those of
African American ancestry deserved a break. They got it in LBJ's
Great Society programs. Of which, Affirmative Action, still exists.

Those programs had varying degrees of success and failure.
Some have blamed those programs with the destruction of the
family structure and work ethic in much of the African American
community. This has some truth in it. It's a problem that requires
a solution from within the African American community.

There are things society can do, today, to help the poorer
neighborhoods, regardless of race or ethnicity. They can provide
better public transportation, better K through 12 education,
legalize marijuana, and decriminalize cocaine and heroin,
the latter of which would reduce the power and influence of
the gangs.

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