March 2, 2007

Responding to Lorraine Ali's article defending Islam in her review
(of sorts) of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's new book, "Infidel".

Everyday, women in the Islamic world are involuntarily circumcised.
"Circumcised" isn't the correct term, because these young women,
in their early teens, are brutally mutilated, typically jumped from
behind in their homes by members of their own family.
They pin her down and cut her clitoris off. While most Muslim women
enjoy a life free of this type of mutilation, one hopes they can find
the courage to denounce these criminal acts by Islamic extremists
who continue to mutilate women. We have to understand that they
risk their lives if they dare speak out. 03/02/07

The above URL is to an interview with Ayaan by the leftist
magazine, Guernica. Preceeding the interview is a quick bio
of Ayaan.

Against the charge that the U.S. invaded Iraq for oil,
would disagree. She points out that the U.S.
invaded Iraq and did not seize oil, but set up a

I contend that oil is part of the equation, but there
are many
elements. The tendency to list but one
reason for this or
that in contemparary politics is
no longer useful. One of these elements in Iraq
was that Hussein was no longer contained in the
aftermath of 9/11. He knew that, and the U.S.
govt. knew that, but the media can't quite recognize
it. It's about asymmetrical warfare. This they
did not consider in their analysis. Plus the fact
that the U.S. was committed to maintaining a
no-fly zone over Iraq to prevent a continuance
of the mass murder of Hussein. For this reason,
if the U.S. were to pull out, the murdering would

Another factor not in their analysis of the Iraq
invasion is
what's at stake for al Qaeda and the
Iranian Revolution.

There was bound to be strife and retributions
between the
Sunni and Shia communities, but
a democracy in Iraq is
a major setback or blockade
that both al Qaeda and Iran must oppose. People,
and political parties have to realize someday
soon that there
is a struggle to set up a caliphate in
the Middle East. It's
not non-sensical or paranoid,
it's a reality.

It is also a reality
that popular opinion in the West
is to withdraw totally from
the Middle East.
The terrorists know this and are waiting
for the day
it happens. Ayaan argues that it would be
wiser if the
West decide instead to stay in the Middle East

to support the democracies. With this I fervantly agree.

Instead, we seem to want to surrender the Middle East
to the terrorists, and as soon as possible. The simple
question is, are we willing to cede Iraq, and country after
country to the terrorists? 03/13/07

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