March 16, 2007

I'm calling "Muggins" on Valerie Plame's little chit-chat
with congress. Valerie, you had no cover because you
drove to CIA headquarters everyday. That's self-outing.

Plus, your husband, flaunting his credentials including his
CIA connection to establish his credibility, attacked the
President of the United States, doing his best to undermine
a key point in his inaugural address. Naturally everyone is
going to ask, "Who is this guy?".

And yes, Wilson was richly deserving of being discredited
because he was a deceiving, self-serving, attention hungry...
(see pic above),
political attack dog. Do you think anyone can enter the
arena of national politics with blockbuster accusations like
that and not be scrutinized?

Plus, this from the National Review following Plame's denial
of her influence in the CIA to send her husband to Niger.
"In response to an inquiry from National Review, Senator Christopher
Bond, vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee, released the
following statement:"
"We have also checked the memorandum written by Ms. Wilson
suggesting her husband to look into the Niger reporting. I also
stand by the Committee’s finding that this memorandum indicates
Ms. Wilson did suggest her husband for a Niger inquiry.
the quote [the portion of the memo quoted in the Senate report]
obviously does not represent the entirety of the memorandum,
I suggest that the House Government Reform Committee request
and examine this memorandum themselves. I am confident that
they will come to the same conclusion as our bipartisan membership did."

The full memo

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