July 2, 2018

Israel to host Eurovision

"...the Irish Examiner pointed out Israel remains the only true, functioning democracy in the Middle East and to boycott it would be a gross display of hypocrisy.
It said the push, “would have no impact one way or the other on the policies of Israel’s government which, lest it be conveniently overlooked, represents the region’s
only democracy and whose highest priority is the protection of its citizens from those whose wish is to wipe the country off the map.”

 “There is in this campaign, endorsed in Ireland by notable gay and feminist activists, the refrain of hypocrisy,” the oped noted.   “The boycott brigade, marching for human rights and social justice, sees Israel’s defence of itself as a primarily Jewish state as a war crime,” it continued. “We look forward to reporting its demands for an international boycott of, say, Saudi Arabia or Iran where, when we last looked, gay and feminist activists would not be tolerated.”    source

June 4, 2018

Elite? hardly

"This was no mere election. It was a fight between good and evil. And they were in no doubt that they were the good guys. 'Cuba, climate, Iran,' Rhodes says, what will happen to those things now that
Donald Trump is in charge? Note that he puts forward those items as if they were triumphs for the Obama administration and not disastrous missteps. 'The irony of the Obama years,' Rhodes mused,
  'is going to be that he was advocating an inclusive global view rooted in common humanity and international order amidst this roiling ocean of growing nationalism and authoritarianism.' Got that? 'Inclusive' and 'common humanity' on one side versus 'nationalism' and 'authoritarianism' on the other.... The fascinating thing of 'The Final Year' is the glimpse it affords into the engine room of a certain species of elite bureaucratic presumption. It is earnest, articulate, educated, well-meaning, and utterly, dangerously naïve. When you review the series of foreign policy disasters over which Obama presided—the names Libya, Syria, and Iran offer a good start—and then contrast it with his warmhearted rhetoric, you begin to understand why Graham Greene could warn that 'innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm.'" Ann Althouse

On the domestic side..http://dailycaller.com/2018/03/02/andrew-mccabe-leaks/...provides a glimpse of FBI "elites" 
"One agent said the announcement of finding hundreds of thousands of Clinton emails on Weiner’s laptop was “like dropping a bomb in the middle of the meeting.”  The New York agent Sweeney followed up with two calls to McCabe later that evening — after McCabe did not call him as promised.  So what did McCabe, Comey and Strzok do?  They sat on it until police officers in New York and FBI agents in New York threatened to expose them.dailycaller    It's crucial to enforce the laws of a nation especially on the elites.   In the persistent battle against corruption in government,  the name of the game is law and order, elites included.   McCabe, Comey and Strzok broke the law.  If these fixers were Republicans, the media would be demanding justice for their crimes.  I'm curious as to the culprits who stored State Dept.emails on a Weiner's laptop, and would appreciate the government being curious, too, since this is criminality at the highest levels.  Ordinary people are emprisoned for such crimes.  Otherwise, it's a 2 tier legal system, where elites are expected to break the law if they want to further their careers.

Across the pond - Italian Newspaper Claims ‘Global Elite’ Working to Transform Europe Through Mass Migration.  source   It's population replacement embraced by socialists on both sides of the Atlantic to gain enough votes to accomplish a one party socialist takeover.  They have one party governments in N. Korea, China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.   What could go wrong?...apart from a miserable economy (most Chinese are dirt poor), and loss of liberties including freedom of the press.   After having gained power, these one-party governments do not tolerate dissent, their prisons packed with political prisoners.  
"...do not tolerate dissent...", is the ominous threat from the SJWs, as they gain more and more power.

May 26, 2018

Identity politics versus free speech

Mark Steyn, on his blog, answered a letter about the radical change of political discourse today.  (my transcription):
"You can have a debate between left and right;  Between totalitarianism, total government on one hand and anarchy on the other, when you have small government.  But the bigger government gets the more everything becomes part of government.  And in fact, the more that we assume that it's entirely natural for government to run health care, for example, to take care of your elderly parents, for example, the more politics itself becomes a battle between things that would not have been considered political at all a century or two ago.  And that's how it is with all of the identity politics issues that bedevil us today, such as sexuality, and Islam, and all the rest of it.  That is the politics, largely speaking, to Lindsey Shepherd's generation.  Because the minute that becomes politics, it presupposes that everything is political.  The personal is political, as the feminists used to say.  So, I'm old enough to remember when gays were witty, amusing, slightly transgressive people who were happy living on the fringes of society, which gave you more freedom to be witty, amusing and transgressive and everything.  You could say to them in a couple of generation's time being gay will mean suing some Christian baker in Oregon for refusing bake your wedding cake, they'd thought he's nuts.  There's no point:  Who the hell wants to go through their life suing Christian bakers to marry you so you and your same sex husband can be deacons at a congregational church?  You might as well be straight if you're going to be that boring. In fact, I would argue that in that sense, contemporary American leftism has totally bored all the fun out of homosexuality, as old time gays would have seen it.  But, the fact is, that's a political identity.  I don't even know they still have sex...do they?  I don't know.  Can anyone tell me?   Whether or not they do, they also have an explicit political identity.  And you have competing identities.

In my book, "America Alone", I quote the case of Sir Iqbal Sacranie, who's a moderate Muslim who is of such exemplary moderation that he's been knighted by the Queen.  He was head of the Muslim Council of Britain...and he got a little bit carried away on the BBC and he started saying that homosexuals were totally immoral and spread disease and this was totally unacceptable.  And so as a result, Iqbal got investigated by Scotland Yard for homophobia.  And at exactly the same time, the Gay and Lesbian Humanists Alliance, another London group, said that Islam was a balmy religion that was homophobic.  So then, Scotland Yard investigated them for Islamophobia, if you follow me.  If a Muslim guy says that Muslims don't like gays, he gets investigated for homophobia, but if a gay guy says Muslims don't like gays, he gets investigated for Islamophobia, and may the best man win.  I don't know how that came out.  I don't have a dog in this fight.  But, what that tells you is that the more people are defined in terms of identity groups, the bigger government you need as the only legitimate arbiter of relations between those groups.  So by definition, you need a big government to mediate between all those competing identities groups...such as when somebody decides that they'll put a gay bar next to the Mosque or whatever.  So in a sense, the fact that this is what politics is now, is because small government types have lost the battle and this is what we argue about."  And Steyn goes on to answer a letter about a MP of Sri Lankan heritage who was criticized for his opinion on chain migration. This is the other danger of identity politics is by virtue of the identity group he is deemed to belong to, he is assumed to have a particular set of views.  So this Labor Party MP seems to be complaining that somebody of Sri Lankan origin is not allowed to oppose chain migration.  I happen to be an immigrant to the United States and I don't believe in chain migration.  I don't think any country, any developed nation need mass migration.  I think it ought to pick and choose individuals and that those individuals should be able to bring spouses and minor children and that's pretty much it.  The idea that simply by virtue of belonging to certain groups, you are obliged to hold certain views is one of the bedeviling factors of identity politics." (bold fonts placed by me)

Melanie Phillips: How the media manipulates the truth

(My transcription from  You Tube): 
Melanie explaining why she left the Guardian.  At the Guardian, it used to be, "Opinions are free and facts are sacred."   Things changed... "At the Guardian, it was a running joke, but it was true, that opinions are sacred and facts are free. (...) So, everything is a matter of opinion.  However, only one opinion is permitted.  My opinion is the same as your opinion?  No.  Only one opinion is permitted and that's what we call a left-wing group think opinion, which is a view of the world which is everything to do with the West is bad, the Western nation state is bad, because the Western nation state gives expression to Western values, Western values are bad because they're basically based on the Bible, which is we all know is a handbook of misogyny, homophobic bullying, rape, exploitation and more.   The fact that the Bible is actually a handbook of loving your neighbor as yourself, putting other people first, and living according to rules of morality, which priveledge other people rather than you, and it's actually a handbook on love, which is a revolutionary concept, not to mention a handbook of reason, but let's put that to one side.  That is, of course, deemed to be, really, the ravings of an extreme fundamentalist, Old Testament fanatic which, of course, I am.  So, only one group
think opinion is permitted which is left wing group think, as I say is anti-capitalism, anti-West, anti-America, anti-Israel, which is the pawn
 of America, anti-everything to do with the values of that underpin the West which is basically traditional family, the idea that you transmit
through education the values of the West down through the generations...you can't do that because that is actually transmitting racism and
colonialism because the West is racist and colonialist.  So, if you use the educational system to transmit the values of the West, you are transmitting
racism and colonialism so you can't do that.  (...) But, that is the dominant position.  That is the orthodoxy.  

And coming more to the current day, there are the issues of, in Britain, Brexit, which only one view is permitted even though, you may find this rather
perplexing given that Britain actually voted to come out of the European Union by 52% to 48%.  But nevertheless, the 48% are all that is represented in
all the media, and consequently, the perceived wisdom is that something terribly peculiar happened and the real thing that has to happen is Britain has to
remain in the European Union.  And that is the one narrative that is permitted.  The fact that the majority of the people voted against that is considered to be
proof that the majority of people are basically stupid.  And that's said over and over again about Brexit.

There is global warming, I'm sure I'm treading on toes here, but you cannot ever say that there is any room for any skepticism, any argument, any evidence that would contradict man-made global warming theory.  Because everybody knows that the science is settled.  And if you are a scientist, you will know the science is never settled.  And that is itself an anti-scientific point of view, but what do I know, I'm an arts graduate and a journalist.  I know nothing, and consequently anything I say about science is anti-science. (...)

And then, the other issue which I'm sure is on everyone's minds here, or most people's minds here is the issue of media's attitude towards Israel, which in Britain, is unprecedently and obsessionally one-sidedly of the view that Israel is the principal actor in the region. Nothing of significance happens in the region unless Israel is actually involved.  If thousands of rockets are coming from Gaza and hitting southern Israel, that's not a story.  It's not important.  That's what we expect.  It's only their right because they're all oppressed.  But, as soon as Israel responds with it's own military attempt to stop this onslaught, that is where the story for journalists...that's where the story begins.  And I've actually heard the BBC people say, 'the story begins today', because Israel has launched whatever it is into Gaza.  The story begins today, there wasn't a story before.  So thousands of Isaelies in bomb shelters in southern Israel is not a story.  It's normal.  What do they expect?  That's not a story. 

So for those things, only one opinion is permitted, and then, of course, you have President Trump.  And you don't need me to tell you, only one view is permitted, and I hope that none of you have the opposite point of view in this room.  Which is basically that he is a lunatic, he is a Nazi, he is a white supremacist, anti-science, he's a anti-Semite, he's crazy, he's deranged, and all the rest of it.  The double standards of the media are quite astounding when it comes to the American presidency, because the 8 years of President Obama nobody could actually criticize President Obama in the media and nobody did.  Any criticism was deemed to be racist, because the people who were saying that were, of course, all they could see is the color of the man's skin.  They didn't treat him as a human being who's a President, they treated him as a black man.  And they called anyone who criticized him as racist.  They were the racists because they could only see him as a person of color.  Put that to one side, the fact remains that in the period of his Presidency, all kinds of stuff was happening that was never ever written about.  We read today about Russian influence.  The reset with Russia?  Nobody turned a hair.  Nobody said 'what the hell is going on here?  The reset with Russia, what is this?'  Nobody turned a hair when he went and grovelled in Saudi Arabia.  Nobody turned a hair when he empowered Iran.  That was considered absolutely right and normal.  Who wouldn't want to empower Iran?  Of course he wanted to empower Iran.  The only people who didn't want to empower Iran were lunatics like me who are war mongering, Zionist nut cases.  That's the accepted wisdom."    Melanie goes on to detail how a news org can justify publishing a false story, by labeling the story "true" by virtue of fitting the social Marxist narrative.

Judge in UK - orders a reporter to prison, prohibits reporting on a pedophile grooming trial.  source    What is shocking, apart from a judge silencing the press, is that the press was compliant with being silenced.

April 15, 2018

Mueller investigation a coverup?

Deep state CYA - "...even as Mueller casts his net wider and wider, the public is getting more and more disgusted with this blatant effort to reverse the results of an election and protect the political elite who, assuming Hillary Clinton would win, were totally unprepared for their exposure to negative publicity, not to mention criminal liability. Remember:
  • No one was supposed to know that Susan Rice and Samantha Power had unmasked American citizens so that their private conversations could be leaked to The Washington Post. 
  • No one was supposed to know that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee had paid for the “salacious and unverified” (in the phrase of James “higher loyalty” Comey) Steele Dossier. 
  • No one was supposed to know that the government’s intelligence services had spied on American citizens,
  • that top FBI officials had actively colluded against candidate and then President Trump.
All that was meant to be swept under the table, pushed into the gigantic maw of deep state forgetfulness.

But then Donald Trump performed the impossible and won the election. John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, love birds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie -- they and many others were suddenly exposed.  It’s a felony to leak classified information, to unmask individuals for partisan gain or to turn the FBI against citizens to assure a certain political outcome. Had Hillary been elected, none of this would be news."  source

Obama's politicized FBI and CIA - Clapper leaked the dossier to CNN after ordering Comey to brief Trump to give CNN a "hook".  (Update: Clapper hired by CNN) source

Some more equal than others -By using the justice system as a political weapon to attack the enemies of the country’s elite, Robert Mueller and his supporters in both parties are confirming what many Americans already believe. That in spite of all the fine rhetoric, we are not all equal under one law. There is in fact a privileged class, a ruling class that sees its own interests as identical with the public good, and never pays a price for its failures, its abuses, and its crimes.  source    The ACLU is leftist partisan.  Victor Davis Hanson weighs in on Mueller's investigation.  And...what if Hillary had won the election?

March 29, 2018


Institutional bigotry infests universities these days.  Students would be wise to hold their cards close to their chest.  Racist administrators in the university system.  Universities versus America.

"For liberals the recent transformation of universities into institutions devoted to the eradication of thought crime must seem paradoxical. In the past higher education was avowedly shaped by an ideal of unfettered inquiry. Varieties of social democrats and conservatives, liberals and Marxists taught and researched alongside scholars with no strong political views. Academic disciplines cherished their orthodoxies, and dissenters could face difficulties in being heard. But visiting lecturers were rarely dis­invited because their views were deemed unspeakable, course readings were not routinely screened in case they contained material that students might find discomforting, and faculty members who departed from the prevailing consensus did not face attempts to silence them or terminate their careers. An inquisitorial culture had not yet taken over.
It would be easy to say that liberalism has now been abandoned. Practices of toleration that used to be seen as essential to freedom are being deconstructed and dismissed as structures of repression, and any ideas or beliefs that stand in the way of this process banned from public discourse. Judged by old-fashioned standards, this is the opposite of what liberals have stood for."  John Gray  .

Instapundit.com  (Aug 4, 2017) posted this deleted tweet from a left wing academician, Freddie deBoer
 "The woke world is a world of snitches, informants, rats. Go to any space concerned with social justice and what will you find? 
Endless surveillance.  Everybody is to be judged. Everyone is under suspicion. Everything you say is to be scoured, picked over, 
analyzed for any possible offense...like little offense archaeologists, digging deeper and deeper to find out who’s Good and who’s Bad."

 "Support staff no longer mainly exist to support the faculty.  In fact, not only are many of these newly created jobs in academic administration classic bulls#it jobs, but it is the proliferation of these pointless jobs that is responsible for the bulls#itization of real work — real work, here, defined  not only as teaching and scholarship but also as actually useful administrative work in support of either. What’s more, it seems to me this is a direct effect of the death of the university, at least in its original medieval conception as a guild of self-organized scholars. Gayatri Spivak, a literary critic and university professor at Columbia, has observed that, in her student days, when people spoke of "the university," it was assumed they were referring to the faculty. Nowadays it’s assumed they are referring to the administration. And this administration is increasingly modeling itself on corporate management." source 

The unnecessary administrators are social engineers.  The bloating administrations amount to a political takeover, driving up the cost for students. Where is the push back?   The MSM got their degrees in these administration-heavy colleges, and you can bet your paycheck they did not, ever, question administrative authority.  Where are the victims of this American university political takeover, like the parents who can't afford needlessly expensive universities, and those students who got student loans, graduated and can't get out of debt?   One wonders if so-called liberal arts majors should be eligible for student loans, as increasing public awareness of just what they're being taught in school, who would want a snow flake in their work environment?  Where will they get jobs?... only so many chairs around the donut table in academia and the MSM.   Ultimately, why should the govt. subsidize social Marxist indoctrination?

January 28, 2018

Build the Wall

January 24, 2018

Muslim culture vs. women and children

screen capture:

<<< @Newsweek announced -  "Recent tweets by Newsweek Pakistan editor @therealfasih do not represent the views of @Newsweek.  We are reviewing our relationship with @ NewsweekPak, which operates under a license agreement." source
  • Londonstan -  Manhunt After One-Year-Old Baby, Woman Stabbed in Broad Daylight
  • San Antonio, Tx - Parents Burned Teen Daughter with Oil for Refusing Arranged Marriage source
  • Teen in Sweden beat sister with baseball bat for refusing to wear Islamic veil  source
  • Sweden - Leftists support child marriage for Muslims.  source
  • Finland - Sex with 10 yo girl by migrant not rape. source
  • Manchester, UK - The latest attempt to secure the UK’s first prosecution for female genital mutilation (FGM) has failed, with a West African father cleared of using the practice to “punish” his young daughter....Zero Convictions in 33 Years.  source  4,500 cases in last year.
  • Swiss Islamic Council justifies female genital mutilation  source
  • Greece - Migrants rape migrants at Moria, on Lesbos  source  1/3 of the island pop. is migrant. 
  • Maine - Democrats in the Maine Legislature had the opportunity to criminalize such behavior under state law as well, the bill failed on essentially a party-line vote.  Voting against FGM would alienate the Somali community in Maine. source   Where was NOW during this legislation?  NOW's concern is the Democratic Party tho' I'm sure if they watched the brutality of a multilation, they'd reconsider.
You'd think there would be a push back by women worldwide, but mutilating girls goes unreported by the mainstream media deliberately.  If a Hollywood actress "puts out" to get a part, then the press overflows with outrage, exhaustively covering it.  Why?  What is driving this selective reporting?  The press is pushing open borders.   Open borders are so virtuous to the leftist media, that young Muslim girls won't get any coverage, which leaves Muslim women without aid, without sympathy, not even recognition. In that way, FGM is a non-issue, just like the rape trees on the US southern border.  

In the UKjudge orders media blackout:  The globalist/marxist movement in action, and why Britain along with any democracy needs a Bill of Rights, because the rights they think they have, aren't.

It doesn't take too many Muslims to change a nation 
UK - Police afraid to stop rape due to fear of being called racist, resulting in rape on a large scale (est. up to a 1,000 girls "groomed").  It continues today because nobody can afford to be called a racistsource    It has the stench of local political corruption.  For the leftist media, and leftist judges, the easy solution to this imported rape culture is not report on it, as it reflects negatively on open bordersIf it were the press who were being gang raped, the reporting would be much different, as they would naturally call for new leadership until the problem was solved...which is not being done.
Sweden - Underage schoolgirl gang raped, Police refuse to describe attachers.   9 in 10 gang rapists in Sweden have foreign origins. Women pay a high price for globalism.  Jews have to lay low or leave.
Netherlands - 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced into Sex Slavery Each Year by Migrant Background Males  Europe sacrifices it's young girls to allow unvetted immigration.
How can Angela Merkel rationalize this brutality in her head?   Does she still think she was right to allow mass migration?
 Germany - Asylum Seekers Should Be Trained as Truck Drivers  source    I don't know if that's a good idea.  They shouldn't be trained to pilot airplanes.
Austria - An 18-year-old Syrian was granted asylum in Austria by the country’s asylum authority despite the migrant being on trial for selling meth to young girls at the time of the decision.  source
Paris - No-Go Zone means don't go there.    The population of the Paris No-Go Zone is 400,000.  source

December 22, 2017

Roger Scruton on political corruption in univerisities

transcription:   "Academy has been invaded by a new way, a new form of studying.  It used to be the case at universities, you were teaching a recognized subject within a recognized curriculum, and you were carrying out research or scholarship in the humanities which was open minded, guided by the pursuit of truth, and not dismayed particularly if it came to a surprising or unorthodox conclusion.  

One of the 1st things that happens when a totalitarian govt takes over is that the universities are cleaned up.  That is to say, people who are doing that sort of thing get thrown out.  This is what happened when the Nazis took over German universities and when the communists took over Russian universities.   And it was the case in Eastern Europe in my day, with the sole exception of Poland, which had universities which were the only universities where every professor was on the right. That was because the communists were everywhere.  But, on the whole, this is the first move the totalitarian makes to stop that kind of free minded, open scholarship pursuit of truth.

So, we have been lucky in inheriting universities of that kind, but is it the case that we still have them?
We have seen the growth of an extraordinary number of new subjects in the university, in which the pursuit of truth seems to be secondary to something else.  The other thing being the pursuit of some kind of political conformity.  If you take a subject like Women's Studies, I know this is a controversial issue, but perhaps this can be talked about freely in this room...you can't talk about it freely in America, on the whole.  Anyway, there is a subject, it is very difficult to imagine that you  would succeed in that subject if you didn't have either at the outset, or certainly in the conclusion, feminist opinions.  It is a subject constructed around an ideology.  It might be that this ideology is grounded in truth, who knows?  But to question it is something which is essentially made impossible by the curriculum and by the way of teaching it.  And I think you'll find that there are quite a lot of subjects like that growing in our universities, in which conformity to an orthodoxy takes precedence over intellectual method."  youtube

December 19, 2017

Who decides what hate speech is?

Hate speech is terrible.  There should be social pressure against such displays.   But when a university administrator decides hate speech should be illegal,
then the question is, who decides what constitutes hate speech?...A university administrator?...A committee of social justice warriors?
The problem is that the hate speech label is being used to silence political opinion.   On the net, I've noticed that merely a difference of opinion or criticism is labelled hate.
The left's hate speech complaint is a ploy to empower censors on campus, social media, and  in the work place to exclude those who do not conform to the globalist/Marxist "narrative".

December 6, 2017

Cordial, friendly, inclusive?

Dear Rep. Pelosi,  California is a high tax state with some of the worst schools in the nation and a  crumbling  infrastructure, a fifth of the population is below  the poverty line...so just what do you mean by,  "The PEOPLE come first"?  The Democrats consider illegal immigrants, felons included, as the "The people" who "come first".   Never is there mention of the downward pressure on wages brought on by the uncontrolled flow of "illegals" into the USA.  You won't hear a peep from Rep. Pelosi about the human misery brought on by open borders.  Not a concern about repeat rapists, deadly infectious diseases, the insane criminals, the organized criminals happening due to the open border.   No mention of the bodies found in the desert with the eyes pecked out by birds.   The Democrats ignore rape trees.   All this uproar about Hollywood casting couch in media yet nothing about the rape trees.  The carnage of open borders is ignored by our MSM because our MSM supports the Dems.   The pitiless reason for allowing illegals in the U.S. is the Democrats know that they will vote Democrat.  If the Dems thought illegal aliens might vote Republican, the wall would have been built during the Obama Presidency, along with Rep. Pelosi proclaiming, "The PEOPLE come first".

Kulturkampf in the USA - Kulturkampf translated: Culture War
Issue:  Inclusion is exclusion.  There’s no logical reason that women’s sports should be an especially uncomfortable place for someone with traditionalist views about homosexuality. But the kulturkampf brigades will have only conformity, abject and absolute. That is part of the doctrine of “inclusion,” which, perversely enough, exists for the purpose of excluding certain people with unpopular political or religious opinions. I recently spoke at a conference for education journalists, mainly because I was eager to witness the interaction between the best products of America’s colleges of education and those of America’s journalism schools—our least-selective and second-least-selective college majors, respectively. I expected to hear approximately the sounds of a coconut processing plant as they put their heads together. One young man suggested that to hold nonconforming views on gay marriage ought to be in itself disqualifying from a career in journalism, on the theory that somehow such ideas are categorically incompatible with journalism per se. He also wanted to know how he was supposed to work with people who viewed certain aspects of his life as immoral. I suggested that he consider growing up, but the message was not well received. The moderator insisted that journalists must “respect all people,” without apparently giving a nanosecond’s thought to the silent “except those who disagree with us, who must be exiled” at the end of her sentence.  source

November 17, 2017

Cultural Marxists suffering HPD (Historical Perspective Deficiency)

~Where leftists are in charge, your natural right to defend life and property has been deconstructed~ 
  • Paris - A trio of French soldiers on leave was arrested and face prosecution after they intervened to help a woman who was being robbed by a youth on the streets of Paris.  source
  • London -  78 yo man arrested for murder after stabbing 1 of the 2 armed burglars to death in his home.  source  
After decades of cultural Marxism infesting America's  K-12 schools, students have been misled by well meaning teachers, who were themselves students taught by cultural Marxists.  Our mainstream news media is cultural Marxist.   There are Cultural Marxists in the highest echelons of big business, who own the mainstream media.   History and Cultural Marxism are at odds.  It would be accurate to state that Marxism is anti-history, in that all things are reduced to oppressors and the oppressed.  So history, along with the arts and sports, are deemphasized in the education of our youth.
Camille Paglia has a few words to say about what happens when schools don't teach history due to Cultural Marxism"It's wrong to say that society causes rape.  I'm saying that it is the breakdown of the social code;  It is a breakdown of socialization that leads to rape.  What rape is, is an interruption by primitivism;  of barbarism; of  'the natural'.   We have to stop this constantly professing:  'Society is nothing but power oppressing the passive individual' and so on.  This is so distorted.  I think this has led to young women unable to protect themselves against rape because they don't understand...and now even more they don't know how to read...to intuit other people's motivations.  They misjudge signals.  (...) ...the way people focus on America, it's like, 'it's a terrible place for women.'  What are they talking about?  Never before in history have women been more free than in America.    What kind of ignorance of the history of culture to imagine that somehow we're living in a repressive regime for women.   It's so absurd."  my transcription from YouTube                                              click on pic to enlarge ===>

Cultural Marxism is a way to avoid introspection, since everything is political, it can't be the individual's fault for being unhappy.  It may be that the Cultural Marxist movement preys on those who are already neurotic, thus through C.M indoctrination, Cultural Marxists entrench neurotic thinking and behavior in vulnerable youth. 

Cultural Marxists...cringeworthy - "Comedian Steve Martin’s famous portrayal of King Tut on “Saturday Night Live” has suddenly come under fire by students at an ultra-liberal college in Oregon.  Students in a humanities class at Reed College blasted the inclusion of the ancient skit in their coursework, branding it a vile example of cultural appropriation — as they demanded that it be removed entirely."  One Reed student said, “That’s like somebody … making a song just littered with the n-word everywhere,” nypost.com   Borrowing from Don Rickles, "Here comes a SJW.  We're all going to get depressed now." 
<<====Thorough Indoctrination includes control of humor.

Michel Foucoult - "...who saw all his work as giving us l'histoire des vérités, a history of truths as
though truths have a history.  Something is either true or not true, but nevertheless, he wanted to
rearrange the whole curriculum in such a way that when studying the thoughts of writings of people
in the past, we're not really interested in the truth of what they say, but in the power that speaks to it.
As the only commodity in the world is power.  Who has dominion over whom?  And that way, of
course, you can turn any subject, however impartial it seems in the outset, into an instrument of
ideological conflict by saying, to date, 'English studies have been an exercise of male power over
female gender.  So I am going to turn it upside down and make it an exercise of female power over the masculine domination.'  You can turn all the subjects of the university upside down, rearrange them as part of the agenda of liberation and that way you think you're still doing a scholarship."

"And the interesting thing is, of course, that you can then call upon a massive fake scholarship and a fake philosophy to give you authority.
The growth of the fake scholarship industry which enables people to claim authority for nonsense.  And the purpose of that nonsense being that it makes conformity to orthodoxy the only thing that you have.
If the scholarship is nonsense, what else is there?  Only the conclusions.  Those conclusions turn out to be liberal axioms from which you actually begin."   Roger Scruton on youtube

November 10, 2017

Jerry Brown saved by intervention in Parliment

Many think that the climate change movement is a wolf in sheep's clothing:   The Cultural Marxists expanding the scope and power of bureaucracies.   The working poor take it on the chin, paying the mark-up for energy with Cap 'n' Trade.  Maybe we should have a debate on the topic...but, when was there ever a debate?  The globalist/Marxist Democrats are out of practice debating, having abandoned debate in favor of smear and the heckler's veto.  This works in California, but in the EU Parliament, you still have to bring debating skills, which include thinking on your feet and presenting a convincing argument.  Unequal to the task, Brown went ugly American  as he answered tough questions in the EU Parliament with insults.  Way to represent, Jerry.    
<================= screen capture source
Bad trip for Jerry - Discouraging that Brown accuses Europeans of inadequate education, given the fact that California, one of your highest taxed states in the nation, has elementary schools that rank near the bottom of the 50 states, and that 75% of black California boys don't meet state reading standards.  One would think that a California governor had other more pressing duties than jetting off to the EU and acting a fool.   My guess is he's running for President, and considering his competition,  he's got a good chance... if he can surmount the toxic handicap, in leftist circles, of being white and male, which is at the bottom of the list of "tribes" that the Democrats "support".  He'll have to lean strongly to the left in hopes of quelling the fear 'n' loathing the other tribes have towards Brown's tribe

It may seem odd that a Democrat would answer critics with the phrase, "having crocodile tears for the poor", but the Democratic Party intends to stop climate change by raising the price of energy.   In the past, worried that the poor use too much energy, politicians have suggested raising taxes on energy to reduce energy consumption....which meets with political resistance.   Cap 'n' Trade sounds less like a tax, and those folks who just watch CNN or MSNBC for their news, they won't know that Democrats are intentionally raising their energy bill.  Gov. Brown has found the solution to the soaring costs estimates for his bullet train...oh, our political elites are so elite (sarcasm).  You won't believe this....or this.

September 14, 2017

N. Korea - The die is cast

Nothing more serious than N. Korea having ICBMs with hydrogen bomb payloads.  Embargo N. Korea now.  The longer we wait, the more cities Kim Jung-un will be able to nuke.   Embargo, then N. Korea will start the war.   Western nations don't have the will to start a war.   Kim Jong-un is relying on that, and continues to grow stronger, threatening Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and the U.S. mainland.   It was China's policy to enable NK while it developed ICBMs & nukes, and they bear the blame.  This didn't have to happen.  Now we are on the verge of a nuclear war, and after every rocket or nuke test by NK, China declares that the U.S. is too provocative.   China remains NK's main trading partner.  Cut off trade with China.   Why should we trade with an enemy who raised their special junk yard dog (NK) to have a nuclear exchange with the U.S.?   If that happens, the attack will be evaluated as Chinese foreign policy.   If the U.S. loses cities, so will China, because the President of the United States will not settle for the destruction of the U.S.  Meanwhile, Kim Jung-un needs his nukes to stay in power, and doesn't want to end up like Gaddafi, and I'm reasonably certain that Supreme Leader has not a speck of concern for human life, except his own.

Update - "With last weekend’s surprise nuclear test, North Korea has reached final stage of its crash course to develop thermonuclear weapons that can reach and destroy U.S. cities. So why are we not on a crash course to protect our cities from North Korean nuclear missiles?  Answer: Because for more than three decades, Democrats have done everything in their power to prevent, obstruct or delay the deployment of ballistic missile defense."  source

With the N. Koreans having attained nukes and high trajectory ICBMs, the new status quo is Kim Jung-un's version of Mutual Assured Destruction.  It is a choice between 2 options:
[1]  Kim is allowed to be a nuclear thug, including threatening other nations with destruction, and selling ICBMs & nuclear bombs to rogue nations, or...[2] there is a nuclear exchange.
Our present strategy is inaction and that is option [1].  Little doubt that Kim is building more missiles and more bombs while we wait.  N.K. is thought to have enough fissile materials to build 10 nuclear
bombs, and it is also theorized that they have miniaturized those bombs to fit ICBMs, but, no matter what their size now, they can be loaded on a plain looking freighter registered with some other nation.
Onto freighters to either sell a bomb or 2 or 3 to Iran, or the freighter can be used to deliver the bomb to the coast of California where it would be detonated.  So, there is no choice other than a full embargo now.  President Trump should consider that any further tests of rockets or bombs to be an act of war.

Update (May '18) - Kim offers peaceIf something seems too good to be true...  Stalling tactic?   I question if Kim can survive denuclearizing NK.  As the state opens up and N. Koreans can finally compare the north to the south, Kim will lose domistic support.   Dictators need an enemy to justify dictatorship.  I think he's dead meat if there is no reason to keep such a monster as head of state.  China does not want North-South integration.  Until there is denuclearization soon, there is the potential for nuclear war soon.  update

September 5, 2017

Cornell U. encourages students to rat on students.

Thoughtcrime - "Students at Cornell University are encouraged to report peers who have “negative reactions” to a  proposed LGBT safe space project..."
“Negative reactions tend to be rare. If they do occur, report it to the Office of Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Life Quality via a Bias Reporting Team Member, such as the Coordinator of the LGBT Resource Center,” the flyer reads.  According to the flyer, the Safe Place project is intended to “to affirm LGBTQ identities and lives and promote an affirmative and supportive environment” where participants “use inclusive language, avoid stereotyping, and not assume everyone is heterosexual.”(...)  “Remember that people may change their pronouns without changing their name, appearance, or gender identity. Try making pronouns an optional part of introductions or check-ins at meetings or in class,” source
Where are the psychiatrists to study what the universities are doing to our students?    These students seem to have deep emotional issues, poised to be offended, subject to anxiety attacks, and  intolerant towards those whose opinions don't conform.  They float that a difference of opinion causes them "harm", and the press never asks them exactly what is meant by "harm".   Administrators spend a bundle convincing students about their victimhood.  It's a con game where the administrators live like royalty, and the students go deep in debt.  From grade school,  children are taught to emotionaly and uncritically accept the ever morphing leftist dogma.
  • the Office of Workforce Diversity Equity, and Life Quality
  • a Bias Reporting Team Member
  • the Coordinator of the LGBT Resource Center
  • safe places to affirm LGBTQ identities, etc.
  • pronoun changing 
  • student snitches
This is not liberal education.  It's cultural Marxism and our schools have been pushing this since the 1970's.   America's press corps got their diplomas from these leftist schools,
so if you're looking for a reason why the press won't report a story straight, here it is.

Suppression of inquiry  - A British University has blocked an academic studying a reported surge in people regretting transgender surgery.  source   It's something the whole family can do together.  source

 San Diego State University teaches racism -  "Students offered extra credit to determine their level of ‘white privilege’" source    Funny, because I didn't feel privileged when I was drafted.  I checked the box  ~caucasian~ on the forms during induction, but they put me in the infantry.   I didn't feel privileged as a construction worker.  That S.D. State U. professor has more privilege than I ever had. These people are bigots deluding themselves that they have the moral high ground.

Shakespeare harms Yale students - "Yale ‘decolonizes’ English dept. after complaints studying white authors ‘actively harms’ students.  English majors no longer required to take class focused on Chaucer, Shakespeare"  source    How many complaints does it take for university administrators to decide that Shakespeare is harmful?   And what about this "active harms" thing?   What they're saying is Shakespeare makes some students sad.  They use jargon like "actively harms", because if they used everyday language, their complaints would sound terribly silly.   The troubling basis of their complaint,  "...studying white authors...", is plain and simple racism, which I condemn.  
Meanwhile across the pondSpiked editor's debate shut down by student SJWs -
"... that really spoke to how crazy and censorious identity politics has become.  Where there's this idea that there are certain things you can't talk about if you're male, or if you're white.  There are certain things you shouldn't think, there are certain places you shouldn't go and have a debate.  So, this cleansing of controversial arguments from campus life I think is one of the worse problems we face...because what's happening, and we see this in America, in fact, with the tearing down of statues and the raging against Confederate symbols, and so on.    That is basically the expansion of the safe space outside the university.  Because what we're doing is we've got a whole new generation of students leaving university convinced they have a right to go through life without ever being offended, without ever encountering an idea they dislike or which makes them feel hurt or sad.   So, we're unleashing these crazy kids into the world and lo' and behold, they will want to tear down statues that offend them.  They might even want to burn books that offend them.  They will get you sacked from the job that they get....and the office they end working in, if you offend them.  We are creating little monsters."   transcribed from Delingpole broadcast:  source
Cambridge University issues ‘Trigger Warnings’ over Shakespeare reading  source

August 20, 2017

Leftist deception

It's more than simple deceit, as leftists will float any bold faced lie, and it doesn't even have to make senseThere is a "special" skill they've acquired to "translate" common language by those whom they disagree with, in private conversations and in public.
"... generation Trump, or the Republican base, however you want to describe them;   Those people are the existential threat to the left.   People who are not white supremacists but Western supremacists.  They're the people the left hates the most because the left is constantly advocating a course for....whether it is socialized health care and ultimately kind of communist political doctrine or whether it's cultural Marxism in the university, in the media, or in Hollywood.  People who love and embrace the values of Western civilization are the left's greatest enemies, and they have to be destroyed at all costs.  One of the ways the left does that is pretending that people who like Western values are really talking about skin color.  So it is sort of a slight of hand.  It's a nasty bit of trickery they do.  If you talk about how great the West is;  If you talk about how brilliant democracy and freedom and America is, they will suggest that it is really code for you liking white people.  Of course, it's ridiculous, but that's the way the left operates."   Milo - YouTube

Either you're hard left or you're a nazi  - Berkeley professor and the student body president recently condemned the school’s decision to allow right-wing speakers on campus.  “Our campus has responded to the rise of Neo-nazism by welcoming them to terrorize, harass and threaten our students,” he wrote, adding, “All so our naive & useless administration can double down the baby boomer free speech branding bullshit. @UCBerkeley should be ashamed.”  source  Judging by the inaccuracy and crudeness of this statement, professorships at UC Berkeley appear more of a political appointment than a scholarly position. 

Just exactly how do conservative speakers "terrorize, harass and threaten"  students?   It is the leftists, like antifa and BLM, that are doing the terror, harassment and threatening at Berkeley.  This is Mario Savio's Berkeley?  "baby boomer free speech branding bullshit"? -  It's not just Baby Boomers to blame, Berkeley professor., there have been others with a very high regard for free speech:
  • 399BC - Socrates speaks at his trial - 'If you offered to let me off this time on condition I am not any longer to speak my mind... I should say to you, "Men of Athens, I shall obey the Gods rather than you."' source
  • 1722ADBenjamin Franklin, writing as Silence Dogood - "Without Freedom of Thought there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech." source
  • 1992AD - Noam Chomsky, in "Manufacturing Consent",  - 'Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you're in favor of free speech, then you're in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.' source
Marxists not strong on history - "Campuses and Western critics in the last half-century have turned a once risk-taking and heroic Christopher Columbus into an evil emissary of disease and destruction.
History is now seen as one-dimensional melodrama in which our contemporary duty is to pick sinners and saints of the past based on our own modern (quite imperfect) perceptions of morality and then
judge them worthy of either hagiography or banishment from memory — rather than history as tragedy in which various agendas are often far more complex than just evil versus good.(...)
It is fashionable to trash the civilization that created Columbus as destructive and pathological, but those who do so often have never experienced the alternative first-hand or at length, and assume 

that their own prosperity, security, and protected freedoms are birthrights rather than fragilities that exist largely only in the West and Westernized Asia or emanate only from the Western anomalies 
of self-criticism, secular rationalism, unfettered inquiry, free expression, constitutional government, free-market economics, private property and religious tolerance."  source

August 16, 2017

Democrat's henchmen - Anitfa BLM

It has become a pattern.   Local Democrats in power look the other way, while Antifa and BLM shut down free speech with violence.   The media gives them cover by avoiding coverage of their mayhem.  Of course, if they were thumping leftists, the press would be all over it.  These thugs cross state lines with clubs, helmets, shields and beat people in public.   The police are ordered to look on from a safe distance.    Conservatives are
blamed for the violence in the press for days, weeks.  Establishment Republicans cover their asses when the partisan press has an orgy of condemnation.  In Virginia, the press condemned the slaughter by an insane person at the wheel of a car that caused death and serious injury, as it should be condemned.
But the media was one sided in their coverage of the clash.   The press was silent about the violence from the left.   They would not report on it.   Watch it on YouTube.


The video shows the left was violent.  Why didn't the press report that?  Reporters realize that they work for editors with strong political biases.   If they were to report on Antifa in a negative light, they'd stand a good chance of being condemned a fascist, with SJWs calling for his job.  Deviating from the Globalist narrative has dire consequences in leftist spheres as the recently fired engineer at Google can attest.  Leftists are silencing conservatives, and the career Republican politicians do not push back.

Scientists know all about this.  They've been playing the game for years.  They have the choice of being 'on board' with climate hysteria,
or find themselves without a career.  However,  Scientists at the ends of their careers do speak out.

Get a load of some industrial strength racism from Black Lives Matter.  The press dares not criticize BLM.

Antifa has support in the U.S. Congress - VA, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) on why law enforcement allowed Antifa to use violence.
He explained that if Antifa “was there and did things, they were there because of the Nazis and Confederates.” source  
 Antifa has support in the Trump Administration - Cohn aligned his views with the establishment media, asserting that the violent Antifa counter-protesters were
“standing up for equality and freedom” while the protesters defending Robert E. Lee’s statue were all white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the KKK.  source
Equality?  It's not equal if some people are allowed to speak and others not, determined by thugs with clubs, masks and shields.  
As for freedom... It's under seige in the 21st Century America.  More strong arm suppression of free speech from antifa.

Fear & loathing - 66% of Americans now fear speaking their minds in a politically correct nation: poll. source
There are elections coming up, as always, so will the Dems continue their support of antifa and BLM?  ....................................(click on the pic to enlarge)=========>

The Dems have a problem - "...even though you didn’t don AntiFa garb you are going to be lumped in with them; because you’ve been winking and nodding at them and quietly accepting the normalization of extra-judicial unconstitutional violence as if it were protected speech."(...)  "The worst footage from protest demonstrations will be put on display in campaign advertising and all the claims that Democratic pundits and authors have made claiming America is festooned with 64 million gas-chamber-murdering Nazis.   Everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a Nazi.  They’re all Nazis..." source

Leftists suppress free speech - Heckler's Veto - Columbia Law School professor Suzanne Goldberg has laid out three methods to help students ban “threatening” guest speakers....Goldberg laid out three possible options concerned students can take if they decide to shut down an upcoming guest lecture event. Goldberg argues that students should embrace the “heckler’s veto,” or the notion that threats of violence from those planning to attend controversial events should justify administrative decisions to cancel such events..   source


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